Sunday, 1 September 2013

NV Cosmetics Event

Hey everyone :)

I was kindly invited to an event by the lovely Mags (check out her blog here) to try out a few makeup products by a brand called NV Cosmetics :)

Firstly my outfit of the night ;)
I wore a simply red dress - I wasn't too sure of what to wear as I didn't want to look too 'party-ish' nor too 'simple. So I paired my dress with a casual black blazer, my black spiked heels and a chunky necklace

The main purpose of the event was so try out the NV Cosmetics makeup line - we were basically like a focus group and we had to give our first impressions on the product and also how well the product 'worked'. We had to give it a rating out of 10, whether we would buy it or not and also the pros and cons of the product (well that's what I did). 

The event was held at Chilli Whites so we also had free cocktails ;) 
I've only ever been to Chilli Whites once and that was on a night out so I had no idea what the room looked like during the day when it wasn't so dark! Surprisingly, it's really slick, modern looking and professional looking!

There was also free munchies ;) cookies, sandwiches, wraps and other nibbles - which was really kind of them to have out!

So as you can see, there are a lot of different products that we had to try out;
Glitter pots
Cheek stains
Nail varnishes
Lipsticks/ Lip Crayons
Eye shadows/ Eye Crayons/ Eyeliners

I really liked their glittery nail varnishes - I have the purple one on my index finder and the gold one on my ring finger :)

We also got freebies - which was so lovely as me and Raji were deciding which products to purchase when they actually launch haha! But we got some of them free and we were so happy!

These are the amazing freebies which I had been given :)

NV Lipstick in Flamenco 

This is a really gorgeous salmon/pink sort of shade :) 
It looks really nice with casual everyday makeup - my only downside about the lipstick was that you really need to rub it onto the lips to get a thick and pigmented coat of lipstick!

 NV Chunky Lip Crayon in Watermelon

I absolutely LOVE this lip crayon; it's super pigmented, rich and creamy. And I absolutely love this shade too, it's a dramatic hot pink shade... I love me some hot pink colours!

NV Nail Polish in Just Peachy

Last but not least, the nail varnish I got is in a lovely pink shade called Just Peachy, however I think it's more on the pink side than peach! 
In the pics, I'm only wearing it on my little, middle and thumb nails..

I love how all of the freebies I was given are in a pink shade! I absolutely love them!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, it was such a fun time and I'd love to go to more makeup try-out 'focus groups'!
Thanks again Mags for inviting me and Raji :)

~ xoxo

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  1. Love your nails! I have been really lazy with my nails since I barely have time to think...I've been going all natural. RoRo’s World


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