Sunday, 29 September 2013

It's been a week

Hey everyone :)

I feel a bit lost... writing on here after what feels like a year. I'm incredibly sorry, and I promise I am back for good now!
So you may or may not know, I've been living away from home for a full week now. And I've survived! A lot of people say that moving out for University is such a dramatic step, but honestly it doesn't feel like it. Maybe it's the fact that my University is located literally 4 minutes away from my new crib, and that Leeds is always just a 20 minute train journey away. But after even days of living here, this feels like my new house!

Well Ravinder, how was your week?

Why thanks for asking, I'll tell you now ;D

Yeah, I am aware that this is a picture of Nemo watching FouseyTUBE - he's hilarious! - but this was the last photo I took at home whilst I was doing some last minute packing! 

Now, moving on to the actual photos of living away from home..

Check out my beauty/makeup stash ;) I will be doing like a Room Tour and a Makeup collection video because it's been highly requested!! But here's just a sneak peak of the items I have already. As you can see, I have a lotttt and I mean a LOT of makeup! My sister also gave me a box of beauty goodies to take with me too, and they're on the top shelf! :D

I have NO idea why there is a Snowman in the kitchen, but yeah... Meet Mr Raspberry Jam! I remember walking into the kitchen for a cheeky cuppa and I saw this and almost shat myself! Like seriously, I know it's a stuffed Snowman but it just reminded me of the doll from The Conjuring! 
And it doesn't help that my flatmates keep moving it around so it looks like it's actually living here.. Scary!

Basically my beauty/photography inspiration! I have loads of pictures from Asiana magazine, Vogue and ELLE... It's just nice to have a look and think "Well I feel like experimenting with my makeup today" haha

Some yummy cheesy curly fries! Oh how I've missed these!!!!! I met up with Natalie during the week (I can't remember which day) and we had lunch :) Was so lovely seeing her again after all these months!

Having been a commuter for the past 2 years, I've not actually been on a night out! "WHAT?! But... but... you're a Uni student!" Yes, I know, I've seriously missed out! 
But luckily a flatmate of mine, Rosy, was awesome enough to let me tag along with her :) 

I've never realise how brown I was until I saw this photo hahahaaha

So the next night I met up with another friend Alisha, and introduced me to a ton of her friends and we went out again :)

But I ended up going home early because I wasn't feeling too great... although I ended up ordering a takeaway - ahhh food! Just lettin you know, I've been living off noodles and soup because I am in fact too lazy to cook a decent meal! I will properly start cooking in a few week though, I'll make sure I do :)

Onion rings, Chicken and Chips and a slice of Chocolate Gateaux... yummy!

The next day I met up with another friend, Ryan, which was awesome because it was really out of the blue but was definitely a good day! :) He made me and another friend, Laura, (jeez I feel like I'm explaining this really weird! I don't know why but I feel like I'm introducing you to all the people I know!) where was I? Oh, he made me and Laura a really really delicious meal. Salmon wrapped in Parma ham with salad and pasta - and let me tell you, best thing I've eaten in such a long time. 
I need to learn how to cook like this!

And to be honest, those are the main highlights of my week! Oh... and I dyed my hair again!

It's literally this colour, it's a lovely purple/red shade and I will hopefully be doing a better review of it soon! It's the shade 'Rubine' by La Riche Directions - I am so happy they stock them here in Huddersfield! 
I'm really loving this shade and I think I'm going to keep it for a very long time! :)

Last but not least, here's a picture of what I've been doing the most while I've been in Huddersfield. 
Watching a shit ton of movies.

Luckily I have quite a few on my laptop already from when I was at home, so I've been watching them! But funnily enough, I've not craved to watch any TV.. I've been seeing loads of status updates about X Factor and stuff, but I've not had the urge to watch anything.
But I watched 2 Broke Girls and The Simpsons today though... so yeah. I feel like I'm rambling on now! 

Anyway I hope you've had a great week! I'm at Uni tomorrow for an hour... and I'm absolutely dreading waking up :(

~ xoxo

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Where have you been?!

Hey everyone :)

Oi.... Oi! Don't 'boo' me yeah I know I've not made a blog post in a week but seriously guys, I've been busy. Not the 'oh I've been busy sat on my arse' but the 'oh I've been busy here and there, and I've not been able to blog or reply to messages'. 
If you're reading this and I've not responded to your message, I'm sorryyyy! I will get on it... soon.

Well, what have I been up to?

Well last Friday I moved out. 
In case you didn't know - you've clearly been under a rock haha - I moved out for university! Yayy :) 

Nemo my cutie was watching Mickey Singh & PropheC - Dukh... she definitely gets her excellent taste in music from me ;) 

On the way to Huddersfield we ended up watching one of Russell Peters' live shows - man he is sooo hilarious! A little inappropriate at times but my mum giggled loads!

So... here is my new crib for the next 6/7 months :)

It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, I have two windows and two wardrobes! And I didn't think I'd be so lucky :)

So my first priority of going into my new room as taking a photo wtf. Hahaha! It was chucking it down outside too so hence why I have a massive winter coat on!

So after taking the photo, I straight away set up my speakers and macbook. Perfection!

The makeup I took with me... I know it seems like a lot but honestly, I have more makeup then this! :P

I will end up doing a room tour after I decorate it all :) I've been requested a few times to film one so I will!

Don't you guys like my new shoes ;) They're from New Look and I've been eyeing them up for a while now, they're quite tall too... but they look smart so I'm really digging them! 

(Yeah, I came back to Leeds for a week and I am going back to Huddersfield on (probably) Monday or Tuesday, depends which day I'm free!)

So on Saturday night, I went out - as usual. 
And to be honest, I've only just realised how much I like going out. It's not about which place is good or not, or what the music is like or anything like that - but being in good company and having pretty cool people around you, you're bound to come back home with a good memory :) 
And that is exactly what happens every time!

Casual car photo ;) I really like this pic though..

And this was the late night munchies from Shai Nans (I'm sorry if I didn't spell that correctly) - I've never been there before and I had a Chicken Seekh Kebab which was yummy :)

So yesterday was in fact one of my brothers birthdays :) which was cool because it was nice seeing everyone again and having family time!

I'll be back to blogging soon and I have quite a lot of blog posts lined up too! :D I hope you guys are good and thanks for reading :)

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Half Human Half Skull Face Halloween Tutorial

Hey everyone :)

Halloween is approaching (well I know it's next month but I just really like the idea of dressing up) and for the first makeup tutorial, I decided I will be doing the ever so famous Skull Face. But... not the entire face :) 

Do you guys like it?

Honestly this look isn't that hard - I know some people look at the teeth artwork and think, "Shit, that must've taken ages" but honestly, you need a photo of Rick Genest in front of you and you'll be fine :)

I think it took around an hour? But that was because I was fussing about with products and also I was getting interrupted a bit!

The main reason I wanted to do a half and half was because I think the whole skull face look is pretty cool, but if you're still wanting to look a bit pretty, you can use the other side of your face to doll up as much as you want ;)

I did a simple cut crease smokey eye on the 'human' side and made it quite dramatic because I thought, "eh, why not ;)"


The products I used:

Base: Revlon Colourstay Foundation
Hard Candy Glamoflauge Tattoo Concealer - Tan

Skull Face:
Soap & Glory - Felt Tip Liner 
MUA Black Eyeshadow
HD Brows Black Shadow 

Human Face:
Hd Brows Palette
MUA Undress Me 2 Palette
Soap & Glory Felt Tip Liner
Benefit 'They're Real' mascara
Hard Candy Bronzer - Tropic
Body Shop Lip Liner
Calvin Klein Lipstick

I hope you guys like this look! I will be doing a couple more Halloween makeup looks :)

~ xoxo

Sunday, 1 September 2013

NV Cosmetics Event

Hey everyone :)

I was kindly invited to an event by the lovely Mags (check out her blog here) to try out a few makeup products by a brand called NV Cosmetics :)

Firstly my outfit of the night ;)
I wore a simply red dress - I wasn't too sure of what to wear as I didn't want to look too 'party-ish' nor too 'simple. So I paired my dress with a casual black blazer, my black spiked heels and a chunky necklace

The main purpose of the event was so try out the NV Cosmetics makeup line - we were basically like a focus group and we had to give our first impressions on the product and also how well the product 'worked'. We had to give it a rating out of 10, whether we would buy it or not and also the pros and cons of the product (well that's what I did). 

The event was held at Chilli Whites so we also had free cocktails ;) 
I've only ever been to Chilli Whites once and that was on a night out so I had no idea what the room looked like during the day when it wasn't so dark! Surprisingly, it's really slick, modern looking and professional looking!

There was also free munchies ;) cookies, sandwiches, wraps and other nibbles - which was really kind of them to have out!

So as you can see, there are a lot of different products that we had to try out;
Glitter pots
Cheek stains
Nail varnishes
Lipsticks/ Lip Crayons
Eye shadows/ Eye Crayons/ Eyeliners

I really liked their glittery nail varnishes - I have the purple one on my index finder and the gold one on my ring finger :)

We also got freebies - which was so lovely as me and Raji were deciding which products to purchase when they actually launch haha! But we got some of them free and we were so happy!

These are the amazing freebies which I had been given :)

NV Lipstick in Flamenco 

This is a really gorgeous salmon/pink sort of shade :) 
It looks really nice with casual everyday makeup - my only downside about the lipstick was that you really need to rub it onto the lips to get a thick and pigmented coat of lipstick!

 NV Chunky Lip Crayon in Watermelon

I absolutely LOVE this lip crayon; it's super pigmented, rich and creamy. And I absolutely love this shade too, it's a dramatic hot pink shade... I love me some hot pink colours!

NV Nail Polish in Just Peachy

Last but not least, the nail varnish I got is in a lovely pink shade called Just Peachy, however I think it's more on the pink side than peach! 
In the pics, I'm only wearing it on my little, middle and thumb nails..

I love how all of the freebies I was given are in a pink shade! I absolutely love them!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, it was such a fun time and I'd love to go to more makeup try-out 'focus groups'!
Thanks again Mags for inviting me and Raji :)

~ xoxo
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