Friday, 30 August 2013

Prairie Charms ❤

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Hey everyone :)

I was kindly asked to participate in a blog collaboration with Prairie Charms; a company which specialises in hand crafted jewellery, apparel and accessories. 
I checked out the items and I noticed that they're quite unique - even from each other. They have floral head bands and bows, but also glittery necklaces and chic belts! If you're not the type to wear floral patterned accessories, there is something in the shop that you will like!

The products I selected:

Quin Retro Head Band
Lainey Bunting Necklace in Black
Kaira Bracelet
I was also given a surprise present: Vivienne Knot Ties

So starting off with the Quin Retro Hair Band, it's a wire within a gorgeous floral print material, with pinks, light greens, dark greens - perfect for summer! Well... perfect if you love wearing summery colours even when the weather is dull!
I've always wanted a hair band like this because I've tried making hair bands and they've never really stuck on my head. However with the wire within the floral print, this baby stays in place and doesn't lose it's shape!
I've been wearing this loads lately, as I find that it looks super cute, and it's also great to wear when you're having a bad hair day.

Photobooth ;)
I think the headband really gives a 'youthful' and cute sort of an appearance

The Kaira Bracelet is a lovely light pink beaded bracelet, with dainty beads including a few gold beads too.. 
If I were to wear this, it would be when I have a serious event to go to but I still want to look a bit stylish - you know us girls! As it's quite small, it looks very soft, feminine and elegant - and adds a bit of class to your outfit choice!
My only concern is the amount of beads in the bracelet isn't enough; as people will wider wrists may not fit the bracelet :(

 Moving on to the Lainey Bunting necklace - I believe there were other shades to choose from, but I preferred the black because I love the appearance of gold and black together!

This necklace is made of triangular cut pieces of black fabric with different specks of glitter coating one side. I was afraid that the glitter may fall off - simply because I've had that problem in the past with other glitter accessories - however the glitter on this necklace doesn't rub off! 
I really like this piece of statement jewellery and it looks good with a casual everyday outfit, but also with a fancy top and blazer for a more formal occasion!

The last gift - which was a surprise gift - was the Vivienne Knot Ties.

I'm not going to lie, I did open this and think, 'What do I use this for?' and I orginally thought they were  wrist accessories. But looking on their website for more information, they use these as hair ties too, which is pretty cool because usually really thin hair ties sometimes break and snap if your hair is too thick. These knot ties are thick and you don't have to worry about them breaking!

Another way of wearing these knot ties is on the wrist - but you can jazz it up a little by undoing the knot and adding in several charms (you know the pandora bracelet charms) and then knotting it up again and wearing it :)

I hope you guys liked this review! And do check out their boutique as they have some really lovely items, I highly recommend their bracelets and head bands!

Thank you Prairie Charms :)

~ xoxo

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