Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hey everyone :)

I'm a fan of Off The Shoulder-type sweaters and tees.. In fact, I cringe when I have to wear something that makes me feel 'suffocated' around the neck - even though it's not really tight or anything.
And one example of this was my Jack Daniels sweater that I blogged about a while back:

(Yeah, my long hair - I do miss it sometimes, but only sometimes!)

With the material being kinda fleecy and warm, I decided that I wanted it to be off the shoulder so that I wouldn't feel too hot in it.

It looks more like a casual, slouchy sort of sweater now that I could wear with jeans or even shorts :)

I'm really liking the off the shoulder style tops :) I will probably be wearing this jumper a lot more now that it's like this :)

P.S I did a makeup tutorial on how I made up my eyes - and that will be the next post! (well it'll come up soon) because it was highly requested :D
I hope you guys liked this post, and do you like off the shoulder-type clothes? Or do you prefer them in their regular, non-customized form? 

~ xoxo

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