Thursday, 8 August 2013

Freshlook Colourblend - Gemstone Green

Hey everyone :)

I recently purchased a couple of Freshlook Colourblend lenses from - I really wanted to try other brands rather than sticking to my GEO lenses that I usually buy.
I bought the Gemstone Green shade, and the plain Green shade (which I will review in a future post!)

Gemstone Green

I first heard of these lenses a two months ago when I saw my aunt wearing some that were in a Hazel shade, and I thought 'Wow they look really nice!' so I decided to buy some and try them out for myself. 
I was in need of new lenses too, so this was a good opportunity to try them out!

I bought these from - I HIGHLY recommend this website if you're wanting lenses on a short notice. If you buy them before 4pm, they will arrive the next day! Perfect if you're wanting lenses for a weekend event or your old lenses are no longer feeling fresh.

So the reason I chose Gemstone Green... well.. I'm going through a green phase at the moment haha. I've tried blues, browns, and even a pink shade a few years ago. Green looks great with most skin tones and I've been getting a lot of compliments on my lenses when wearing these :)

First Impressions

When I opened up the little package to get the contact lens out, I saw that they're pretty vibrant. Which is great if you're the type who want your eyes to be noticed! Also, I've noticed that sometimes contact lenses don't really show up on dark brown eyes - and believe me, my eyes are pretty dark brown! - and these lenses show up really nicely.

(this is my natural eye colour) :)

Application and Wearability 

The main downside to these lenses is the fact that they don't attach onto the eyeball as easy as other lenses! 
Honestly, I've never struggled so much with putting in lenses in my 6 years of wearing contacts. They either fold in half when you blink, or just get attached to your finger and it's a pain when you're in a hurry to get ready. 
I find the way to get the lenses to fix on to the eye is to keep it pressed down on the eyeball and then close your eye a little bit, and wiggle your finger upwards so that the lenses can slide under the eyelid. It's a little squeamish but that is the only way that I can apply these lenses.

In terms of wearability, I think they take time to get used to.. They're the type of lenses where you can feel like you have something on your eye and also you're able to see a bit of the lens pattern too. It does feel a little uncomfortable at first but you do get used to it.

After a few hours of wearing these lenses, you will find that your eyes may feel a bit dry and irritated - I did. Which is really strange because I am usually able to wear my GEO lenses for more than 12 hours straight without my eyes feeling dry.
I only wear these lenses for a short period of time - which isn't great because I prefer my lenses to last for a long time without irritating my eyes.

Overall rating:
I really love the design of them and the fact that they show up really nicely on dark brown eyes and look quite natural, but the comfort and application is the biggest con.

I hope you guys liked this review! I will be back with another review soon :)

~ xoxo



  1. For exactly these sorts of people, Johnson and Johnson have created naturelle contacts lenses, which are specially made specifically for the vain.

    1. Hmmm…. I'm not so sure about this vain comment. I don't see the harm in the fact that I have to wear prescription glasses, so why not buy lenses? And why not buy lenses of different colours to experiment with.

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  2. Could you put up a picture with your natural colour eyes, so we can see the difference the lenses make?


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