Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Snip Snip

Hey everyone :)

Do you notice anything different...?

Ta daaa... I've had my hair cut!
If you've been reading this blog since well - I've mentioned it a lot - you will know that I have been growing my hair out for ages, and I've wanted long hair. So this new decision to cut my hair might be a little surprise to you guys! 
But the reason why I was growing my hair in the first place, was because in January 2012, I got my hair cut with super short layers, and I hated growing out the layers. Like literally, I really disliked how my hair had this really weird shape to it. But eventually my mop grew and it looked a bit like this:

I made the decision to cut my hair like three weeks ago, as I realised that my shortest layer had grown past my shoulders and I wanted to cut it there and then. No lie, I wanted it short at that minute! But because of my sisters wedding, I kept it long and I had my hair up for the wedding day - I had a lovely updo hairstyle :) But I knew that I wanted my hair short, so the next day, I cut it. I wanted my hair all the same length, so it will look fuller and thicker, and I didn't have to deal with the dry and brittle split ends anymore!

After the chop! You can see how damaged the ends of my hair were!

I remember looking in the mirror after I chopped it, and thinking "Oh shit..." haha! It was so weird for me to do it and well.. it was kinda fun!
Then after that, my mum neatened it by trimming it and making sure all of it was the same length!

This is how it looks now:

What do you guys think?

I'm not sure if I want to keep the ombre at the ends, as I might dye it all a chocolatey brown shade (something brown and lighter than just dark brown haha!). But a lot of people have told me to keep the ombre for a while! I'll look for a new hair colour in a month or two! :)

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