Monday, 1 July 2013

My Sisters Wedding ❤

Hey everyone :)

I still can't believe that the wedding is over and my sister is happily married and on her honeymoon! It feels like we've been planning it for so long, and it's already over. It really did happen so quickly!

But luckily for you guys, I have tons of photos that I can show you! (oh, and some video clips too). Here they are..

Thursday Morning:
This day was the start of the wedding ceremonies; the Maaiyan and the Ladies Sangeet & Mendhi Night. We had a few family members in the morning pop over for the Maaiyan, and then in the evening, we had invited quite a lot of people - it was really lovely to see all of my family again since my uncles wedding last year!

The maaiyan tray :- the yellow stuff is flour mixed with haldi, and it's used to cleanse the body and make it look more refreshing and brighter!

Making the square with the coconut colours!

R and R for both of their names! :P

In the morning... I have a few pictures of the maaiyan but I think my sister would be a liiiiittle bit embarrassed if I were to upload them! So I'm skipping those photos and moving onto the Thursday night..

Raji did my makeup because she was bored of waiting around haha, so she did a lovely black/brown/gold smokey eye! Let's just say, my makeup lasted for ages without it going shiny or creasy!

Lily came too! 

Raji's mendhi... it turned out so dark! (Pics below..)

My mendhi... :)

Friday Night:
The day basically was about the bangles my sister had to wear on the wedding - and for  few months after the wedding too! It's a big ceremony as it symbolizes a new bride, and if you see someone wearing these bangles, they're basically a newly wedded bride! Oh.. and we also had a party called a 'Jago' :)

Making another square colour thingy! We did the 'Maaiyan' ceremony again for the last time, and then onto the 'choora' (or bangles) ceremony.

For this ceremony, it's usually the men of the family who put the bangles on her (except my pops!). And these are my uncles/cousins who put the bangles on her :)

All of the bangles together... And oh! The long gold chandelier type bangles are what she wore on the wedding day - don't worry, she didn't sleep in them haha!

Her mendhi turned out soooo dark - so pretty!

So later on, a few members of the grooms family arrived and brought my sister a few presents, including a red ribbon, a red lipstick and some red-themed makeup! And applied it onto her - this is a ceremony too. Like, before a girl is married, she can't wear red lipstick (well, that's the whole symbolism behind the ceremony) and this is meant to signify the whole transition into marriage!

With a few of my cousins :)

Saturday - The WEDDING DAY!
Bascially... it was the wedding day :P

I'm surprised I look really awake in this pic! Beliee it or not, we had to wake up around 5am to get ready!
And also, we had a green theme for the outfits, and I wore a long green dress like this :)

My okey eye makeup... I added some VIPERA glitter to the lid area but I'm not sure if it shows up that well! I'm happy with my makeup for the day too, as I did it myself! I think I'm getting good haha :)

Raji! She had done all of her makeup herself (she looks stunning!) and my mum had done her hair and her bindis (the bits of bling above her eyebrows!)

Posing! The videographer was there :P

The bride all ready!

I went with her, her husband, my sis in law and the videographer to take a couple of snaps!

The wedding hall... all of the table decorations and the wedding cake - we did it!

The cake took 3 days to make!

Beautiful heart decor :)

Close up of the wedding cake! We added pearls and diamond rhinestones to the cake, and a laced rhinestone string too :)

Nom nom nom! The starters!

Another of our own wedding decor pieces! Gorgeous bird cages, but we added pearls and to the frame :) It looks so beautiful when it's all lit up!

I hope you guys enjoyed looking through these pics :)
The wedding was amazing, and I'm sooo happy for my sister!

~ xoxo


  1. Aww really enjoyed the whole build up. Looks like it went well and you both look gorgeous. Thanks for letting us be a part of it x

  2. Congratulations to Raji!!... So happy for her!!

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  4. Love this post so much. Congrats to Raji please check out my blog xx

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