Tuesday, 30 July 2013

21st Birthday Meal!

Hey everyone :)

I know this is several days late, but better now then never eh
Continuing the birthday celebrations, we went to Red Hot Buffet for a meal.. And by 'we', I mean the ladies of the family - oh, and my brother in law!

I have a few pics to show you all :)

As always, some food porn. This was the starters and I went straight to the Tex Mex section! I had Chilli Con Carne with some nachos and cheese, chicken Quesadillas.. The stuff you can't see: black Olives, tomato Potato salad :)

I LOVE this picture :) With my sister in law's younger sister and my sister in law :)

Aah it was so crazy, my sister made sure that the Red Hot staff sang me a birthday song and made me dance to it... and also shout out to everyone that it was my birthday! They also brought me some dessert and a candle to make a wish. No, I won't tell you what I wished for.. but I can say that it's prettyyyyy good ;) I hope it comes true!

I was laughing so much haha

The birthday dessert minus the chocolate cakes :)

All of us :) 

That's the same table that we had for my sisters hen-do - which was cool because it was right next to the buffet!

The dress I wore that night is from boohoo.com! I absolutely love it :)

So after we had the meal, we went out into town for a dance and obviously, we ended up in Spice Bar. Arghhh I dislike that place, but it plays better music than Revolution so :/ 


I know this isn't really relevant to the birthday meal BUT it happened around the same time... I feel like I've been going through a lot lately in terms of growing up and relationships with friends/family, and truthfully I feel like I'm the happiest I've been in such a long time. It seems like everything is going well for me, I have family who care and friends who are constantly there for me when I need them :)
I've made some really awesome friends lately and I've caught up with old friends too! 

I've decided that I'm going to limit what I read on the internet - like gossip and bitchiness, it really does affect my mood and it's not needed. I'm going to start using my energy for work and motivation to do things that I really want to do in life!
I've started writing a book - I can't tell you what it is about.. but I'm finding it really fun to write. I suppose this is just the start of it and who knows what will happen with it!

I hope you guys are having a great week :) 
~ xoxo

Friday, 26 July 2013

21st Birthday Makeup!

Hey everyone :)

You might be wondering "Where the hell are yo b-day pics woman?!" well, I've not actually done anything for my birthday just yet.. just coz a lot of family/relatives/friends have work to do - unlike me! And so, we're off out tomorrow night for a well deserved buffet meal and possibly a couple of drinks - or maybe just a few more than a couple ;)

But in the spirit of my 21st birthday, I was used to be a model again for my sister's YouTube; and she created this amazinggggg gold/brown smokey eye look paired with pinkish lips, with backcombed voluminous curls.


Do I actually look 21? I think my short hair makes me look older..

In case you're wondering which lenses I am wearing, I'll be reviewing them in a future post ;) I LOVE them! They're so bright and green.. and they don't look too overpowering!

To see how my sister did this makeup, check out her tutorial here:

I hope you guys liked this makeup! Don't forget to subscribe to her :)
~ xoxo

Thursday, 25 July 2013

What Do Girls Look For In A Guy? How To Get Her To Like You?

Hey everyone :)

So.. you've come across this post because of these possible reasons:
a) I've posted this on Facebook/Twitter and you're having a nosey
b) You want to know what I look for in a guy (I've dropped in a couple of personal preference hints here and there...)
c) You're legitimately wanting to know what girls look for in guys
d) You're desperate and willing to change everything about yourself to pick up a chicks

Whatever the reason is, I hope this entertains you and somewhat.. makes you question your existence.. or maybe not :P
Btw, this was highly requested lately.. for some reason. I think the endless hours of watching Millionaire Matchmaker has paid off hahaha..

I want to really stress on this point: Do NOT change yourself for anyone. It's really not worth it, and then you'll just be like "Shit.. what have I done?" or... "This idiot just doesn't understand me", and then you'll get annoyed with them! So yeah, don't do that!

I'm splitting this off into sections..

Blah blah blah "I want someone who looks like Dave Franco", "He needs to have green eyes" etc. No, all this crap that you hear fro girls saying that they want a guy who looks like another person or has a certain feature, doesn't know anything about a proper relationship. Yeah sure, she might go for tanned guys, or guys of a certain height.. BUT, they say, "Love is blind".
Meaning, that despite that this girl may want a certain guy who has chiseled features, she might fall in love with a good personality - don't worry, I'll sort out that personality of yours ;)

Although.. there are some things you need to keep in mind about appearances:
a) Make sure you're groomed: -
I don't mean the whole tweezing your eyebrows and getting a manicure crap - unless you really want to -, just the whole make sure your at was comb through your hair, brush your teeth, wear a bit of cologne. I know a lot of you guys are lazy as F, so you don't need to do any of the fancy crap. Make sure you live up to at least.. some.. standards (I'm sure you will!)
b) Confidence/ Smile: -
You don't have to be wearing shades, you don't have to be wearing blingy accessories or whatever, the best thing you can wear is a smile :) I know that's sooo cheesy, but it's true. No one wants to get to know the dude who's quietly sulking in the corner, because we automatically associate that with a negative personality... well.. I do. Seriously, just be happy with who you are and recognise your own qualities, and this will shine through. Trust me!

This is the big one! Now, there was a time when me and my friends used to talk about how hot Taylor Lautner is... and yeah, he is - I'm not denying that - but there is a thing called a personality. I mean, yeah he looks good, but there is a side that we've not seen.. and we possibly might not find so attractive. Like, he could clip his toenails at the kitchen table or... erm... only talk about working out.
Not every girl likes this - especially the toenails thing - eurgh! - and so, there is much more that meets the eye!
Here is some advice to help you 'woo' your ideal chick..

- The Initial Hour:
I'm calling it this because I want to sound super fancy :P Nah, the Initial Hour is basically the first hour that you have with this girl, whether it's in person or you're talking to them online or with a group of friends etc.
The average girl usually checks out a couple of things within this time: Hair, Eyes, Smile.. and sometimes shoes? If you're one of these girls who checks out guys shoes, WHY?! (Please tell me).
IF you're gonna start talking to a girl online, DO NOT poke her - it will immediately make her think that you are some sort of stalker, perv or like.. a player. Instead, actually message her and add her and talk to her like a friend. No, you won't get friendzoned, because if you present yourself nicely to her, she'll like you in that way.
So instead of messaging her like, "Hey ;)" - Can I say, this is the one thing that will make me not want to reply! haha - just message her like, "Hey, how you doing? I came across your profile on ____". And don't be like, "Hey gorgeous" or "Hey sexy". NO NO NO! That is another thing that makes the girls think you're a player... and barf after reading the message.

What do I go for? 
Personally, I like to look at the hair, eyes and smile.. and also how they're presenting themselves. If a guy is slouched, doesn't take much pride in their appearance OR is way over dressed and he's quite loud - I tend to avoid them because I think they're either trouble, troubled or just plain not my type.

So I use this time really really wisely, and I check for a few signs:
Just one phone - (UNLESS he's dressed really smartly) A guy with two phones is someone you can't really trust.
Who's he talking to? - If he's talking to mostly a huuuuuge group of guys.. it's a no. If he's making an effort to talk to everyone - including old ladies - then that's generally a good thing :)

- How to get her to ACTUALLY like you:
Here are a couple of things that girls really do like... so regardless of what 'your boys' tell you, these are things that girls look out for:
How does he treat his parents? - Because it kind of shows how much respect you have for them.. and this will show how much respect you'll have for her. And the rest of the family too. If you talk about how much you hate them and can't wait to get away from them... then.. good luck.
What does he say about his ex? - If you say a lot of crap about your ex like, "She was this, she was that", "I hate her" "She needs to jump off a cliff".. then that shows the girl how you're gonna treat her after you break up (if you do). No one wants to know about your ex's, so stop being so butthurt about it!
Does he have any ambitions in life? - This says a lot about you, and don't talk about how much money you wanna earn. No one wants to hear you brag about money. What hobbies are you planning on taking further as a career? Can you support a family AND still do what you enjoy? If a girl is interested in you, she'll ask like what you'd wanna do in the future. And it better be something interesting!!!
How does he talk to his friends? - If you're the type where you're always in arguments, or you're writing really weird stuff on Facebook pictures, then that will give her second thoughts. Or it'll just make her think you're weird!
Don't underestimate her - This is one of my biggest pet peeves, when a guy is talking to me about something that they THINK they know (when they've only just discovered it in the past 5 minutes).. and I've known it for years and they try to correct me. Hell no. It's really irritating when people in general think they know more than you and they go lengths to prove it - so I just stay away from these kinds of people. Don't be like this to the girl you want to be with... it'll throw her off.
Compliment her - Duh, a girl likes to be told that she's looking pretty or beautiful. But don't say it too much otherwise she'll feel a little uncomfortable. I think a girl prefers to be told she looks good, rather than just getting a 'like' on her Facebook picture.
Don't talk about yourself too much - It just comes across like you're bragging or just boring.. I can't stand when people talk about themselves for ages.. and it will make a girl feel special if you ask her things too.. "How was your day?" "That looks really good, how did you do that?" Or something like that! It shows that you have interest in things she likes.. and most importantly, interest in her :)

- When you're wanting to move on from 'just friends' :
If you're lucky enough to get her to like you, she'll ask you out herself and say something like, "Oh, what are you doing on (whichever day)" or "Ohh we should go get a drink sometime".. and some girls are really good at this and they can just pass it off as something casual - so they don't look needy/desperate haha.
But if you know she likes you and you're constantly chatting about stuff, then just ask her out to a movie or a drink - alcoholic or hot chocolate... even both? And hopefully.. she'll get the hint ;)

Anyway dudes, I hope this advice helps in some way. And if it doesn't.. well my friend, your time will come soon ;D haha! I'm joking. Just be yourself :) You can't go wrong with that..

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Currently experimenting with my new Macbook Air..
 Happy 21st birthday to me :)

I'll blog soon, I promise


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Don't take it personally..

Hey everyone :)

I'm sorry that I've not been posting everyday like I used to, I'm not forgetting about this blog or my YouTube either. But I'm really in the summer vacay mood and wanting a break from blogging and YouTubey stuff. I will be back soon, and with a whole load of reviews too!
I've been really realllyyyyy busy lately, and I had a wedding to go to - y'all know how long those Indian weddings are. So I've been neglecting a lot of things, including not replying to comments, messages and emails - so I'm sorry if you feel like I've been ignoring you because I haven't! But anyway I have another coming up in 2 weeks, and hopefully I'll have some pics from it.. I didn't take any pictures from the wedding yesterday, I had a couple of gut feelings that I honestly wish I'd listened to - one being to bring my camera, another to talk to someone who I've not seen in ages. I guess that I'll have to take the next opportunity to bring my camera, as for the talking to my friend thing, who knows when I'll see them next!

I have a Get Ready With Me video that I uploaded a few days ago, where I used two of my Superdry makeup products:

I'm absolutely LOVING that new Superdry lipstick that I bought... It's so bright and vibrant, and definitely a summer pink shade!

I hope you guys like the video :)
And I will get round to replying to your comments and emails soon!

Take care guys
~ xoxo

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Why I Love How I Met Your Mother

Hey everyone :)

IF you've not watched the Season 8 finale episode tonight, then I urge you to watch it, it's incredible. I wanted to write this when I first watched the episode - but that was a few weeks ago and I realised that it may ruin it if you've not watched it already. The time has come!

So I'm feeling quite.. erm... I'm not sure what the word is. Sentimental? Yeah, I think it's sentimental. And no, it's not because of the fact that I have to wait half a year to watch the final season, but because I just really love the show. It just has so much to offer, and not many understand that.
I know some people watch it and think it's just too long to keep up with all of the series, and they think, "Ugh I just want to know who the mother is". And now that Cristin Milioti - yep, that's the mother! - has been revealed, these people say it's an anti-climax. Personally, I think that it's been written so incredibly well, and there are such beautiful quotes that you can take away from it and add it into your own life.

If you're not scared then you're not taking a chance. If you're not taking a chance then what the hell are you doing anyway? ~ Ted Mosby

The characters themselves are just so normal and average and you feel like your know them and are able to relate to their situations. I mean, how many of you can relate to a physicist? Or a two broke girls who are waitresses? Or a housewife in a luxurious house? To be honest... I can't. I can't relate to neither of those things.. But I can relate to trying to find the way through life, whether it's education, getting a dream job, settling down and making all of the puzzle pieces fit together.

I am gutted that it's just the final season that is left now.. but it's been one hell of a journey! I know some of you may be thinking I'm a liiiiittle bit crazy, but I just find that it's been written so beautifully and to me, it's inspiring. In the entire series, it teaches you a lot about life - obviously you have to go out and experience life too.

The main thing it's taught me is that we all go down different paths and routes in order to get to where we need to be. It'll be good times and bad lows, crazy nights, and everything happens for a reason, but we also need to take chances in life.

And one last thing, 'The Shins - Simple Song' made the ending perfect. I absolutely love that song :)

Oh and, Cristin Milioti looks perfect for the role of the mother :)

I absolutely cannot wait to see the final season :)
~ xoxo

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hey everyone :)

Talk about being slack with blogging for the past few weeks.. I've been super busy it's unbelievable (well, maybe it is). Even though the wedding is over and I'm not as swamped with preparing like before, I've just been on the go. Seriously.

Monday (or Tuesday):
White Rose shopping! Not really shopping coz we only went for a cheeky Nandos ;) but I saw a couple of things that I wanted to buy and I'll probably get stuff later this month! 

My baby arrived ;) haha! I've been eyeing up the NARS Sheer Glow foundation for a while, so I went ahead and bought it! And let me tell you, I've been LOVING this! I'll do a proper review and demo for this foundation soon and you will be like so impressed. Seriously. I've been getting tons of compliments on my makeup lately when I've been wearing this! Pffft, how did I look before wearing this foundation!? :P

Selfridges packaging <3

It was my cousin's birthday and we all went out in Harrogate :) And that's like my first time going out over there. So it was pretty cool!

With the cousin on the way to Harrogate :)

We set off pretty early to get to London and we got there for around 3ish? Or maybe just before 3. And like you do, I went shopping! Yayyy!

I've been looking at the makeup collection by Superdry and sadly, I've not come across any of their lipsticks in store. But I saw their illuminator/highlight cream and omg, it's so pretty! I had to buy it! (Don't worry, I'll review it soon :D)
I also picked up a colour supplement by LUSH in the shade Dark Yellow. I've tried it and it's like a BB Cream.. So it's thicker than a tinted moisturiser but not full of coverage like a foundation. Yep, I'll review that too!
And obviously, my NARS baby in the middle :)

Hope you're all having a great week and weekend! And what do you guys think of my new header on this blog? I know it looks a little incomplete, but I quite like it!

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Collection Creme Puff Lip Creams - Swatches & Review

Hey everyone :)

I've had a really weird experience lately; the other day, I came across my sister's NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in 'London' and I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that I know I really want one - preferably in 'Antwerp' or 'Monte Carlo'. But I never looked into buying it because I know I'll be getting a lot of makeup from my sister when she gets back from America :D

So the next morning, I went to White Rose Shopping centre, and Boots - as you do! - and I came across Lip Creme's just like NYX's! I was sooo happy, but there was only 3 colours I could get (I purchased all three!) but I will look into the other shades - if there are any.

These were the lip creams that I had purchased:
Fairy Cake 3 - A beautiful summery coral shade
Powder Puff 2 - It's honestly like a lip concealer, it matches my skintone haha! (swatches below)
Cotton Candy 1 - A gorgeous soft pink that looks a little purple too..

It's quite vibrant, but it looks great on people with golden skintones and minimal eye makeup! I've been wearing this all day, and it really brings warmth to the face.. like a glowy appearance.

As you can see, it really does look like I've got concealer on my lips haha!

This pink shade is more vibrant in person, and reminds me of one of the Apocalips shades by Rimmel London!

- Really nice shades
- Quite cheap too, as they're £2.99 each - I bought these as 'Buy 1, get the 2nd half price'
- Applies very well and feels smooth on the lips

- Dries quite quickly and accentuates chapped lips!
- It doesn't have great staying power compared to NYX's Lip Cremes
- The colour shades... If they have a bigger variety available I'd be happy.

I hope you guys liked this post, I will be reviewing more makeup products so keep tabs on this blog! 

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Snip Snip

Hey everyone :)

Do you notice anything different...?

Ta daaa... I've had my hair cut!
If you've been reading this blog since well - I've mentioned it a lot - you will know that I have been growing my hair out for ages, and I've wanted long hair. So this new decision to cut my hair might be a little surprise to you guys! 
But the reason why I was growing my hair in the first place, was because in January 2012, I got my hair cut with super short layers, and I hated growing out the layers. Like literally, I really disliked how my hair had this really weird shape to it. But eventually my mop grew and it looked a bit like this:

I made the decision to cut my hair like three weeks ago, as I realised that my shortest layer had grown past my shoulders and I wanted to cut it there and then. No lie, I wanted it short at that minute! But because of my sisters wedding, I kept it long and I had my hair up for the wedding day - I had a lovely updo hairstyle :) But I knew that I wanted my hair short, so the next day, I cut it. I wanted my hair all the same length, so it will look fuller and thicker, and I didn't have to deal with the dry and brittle split ends anymore!

After the chop! You can see how damaged the ends of my hair were!

I remember looking in the mirror after I chopped it, and thinking "Oh shit..." haha! It was so weird for me to do it and well.. it was kinda fun!
Then after that, my mum neatened it by trimming it and making sure all of it was the same length!

This is how it looks now:

What do you guys think?

I'm not sure if I want to keep the ombre at the ends, as I might dye it all a chocolatey brown shade (something brown and lighter than just dark brown haha!). But a lot of people have told me to keep the ombre for a while! I'll look for a new hair colour in a month or two! :)

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~ xoxo

Monday, 1 July 2013

My Sisters Wedding ❤

Hey everyone :)

I still can't believe that the wedding is over and my sister is happily married and on her honeymoon! It feels like we've been planning it for so long, and it's already over. It really did happen so quickly!

But luckily for you guys, I have tons of photos that I can show you! (oh, and some video clips too). Here they are..

Thursday Morning:
This day was the start of the wedding ceremonies; the Maaiyan and the Ladies Sangeet & Mendhi Night. We had a few family members in the morning pop over for the Maaiyan, and then in the evening, we had invited quite a lot of people - it was really lovely to see all of my family again since my uncles wedding last year!

The maaiyan tray :- the yellow stuff is flour mixed with haldi, and it's used to cleanse the body and make it look more refreshing and brighter!

Making the square with the coconut colours!

R and R for both of their names! :P

In the morning... I have a few pictures of the maaiyan but I think my sister would be a liiiiittle bit embarrassed if I were to upload them! So I'm skipping those photos and moving onto the Thursday night..

Raji did my makeup because she was bored of waiting around haha, so she did a lovely black/brown/gold smokey eye! Let's just say, my makeup lasted for ages without it going shiny or creasy!

Lily came too! 

Raji's mendhi... it turned out so dark! (Pics below..)

My mendhi... :)

Friday Night:
The day basically was about the bangles my sister had to wear on the wedding - and for  few months after the wedding too! It's a big ceremony as it symbolizes a new bride, and if you see someone wearing these bangles, they're basically a newly wedded bride! Oh.. and we also had a party called a 'Jago' :)

Making another square colour thingy! We did the 'Maaiyan' ceremony again for the last time, and then onto the 'choora' (or bangles) ceremony.

For this ceremony, it's usually the men of the family who put the bangles on her (except my pops!). And these are my uncles/cousins who put the bangles on her :)

All of the bangles together... And oh! The long gold chandelier type bangles are what she wore on the wedding day - don't worry, she didn't sleep in them haha!

Her mendhi turned out soooo dark - so pretty!

So later on, a few members of the grooms family arrived and brought my sister a few presents, including a red ribbon, a red lipstick and some red-themed makeup! And applied it onto her - this is a ceremony too. Like, before a girl is married, she can't wear red lipstick (well, that's the whole symbolism behind the ceremony) and this is meant to signify the whole transition into marriage!

With a few of my cousins :)

Saturday - The WEDDING DAY!
Bascially... it was the wedding day :P

I'm surprised I look really awake in this pic! Beliee it or not, we had to wake up around 5am to get ready!
And also, we had a green theme for the outfits, and I wore a long green dress like this :)

My okey eye makeup... I added some VIPERA glitter to the lid area but I'm not sure if it shows up that well! I'm happy with my makeup for the day too, as I did it myself! I think I'm getting good haha :)

Raji! She had done all of her makeup herself (she looks stunning!) and my mum had done her hair and her bindis (the bits of bling above her eyebrows!)

Posing! The videographer was there :P

The bride all ready!

I went with her, her husband, my sis in law and the videographer to take a couple of snaps!

The wedding hall... all of the table decorations and the wedding cake - we did it!

The cake took 3 days to make!

Beautiful heart decor :)

Close up of the wedding cake! We added pearls and diamond rhinestones to the cake, and a laced rhinestone string too :)

Nom nom nom! The starters!

Another of our own wedding decor pieces! Gorgeous bird cages, but we added pearls and to the frame :) It looks so beautiful when it's all lit up!

I hope you guys enjoyed looking through these pics :)
The wedding was amazing, and I'm sooo happy for my sister!

~ xoxo
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