Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm probably just going crazy

Hey everyone :)

So... something weird has been going on lately:

I'm kinda freaking out, but at the same time I'm enjoying it because it just feels pretty cool :)

Anyway, I have a new video for you guys!

Get Ready With Me - Shoppinggg :)
Had to pop out to Tescos today so I thought I'd do a speedy video and show you my makeup. This is the makeup I wear on a daily basis!

I hope you guys like it :) I've been getting a lottttt of requests for videos, especially wedding themed vlogs, but I'm just really busy with the preparation. I got asked to do a "How to do your makeup for your sisters wedding" video, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that as my camera will be in use for the entire day!

I hope you guys are having a fabbo week! 
And guess what... it's actually 4 days to go til the big day.

~ xoxo

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sister's Wedding: UPDATE #1

Hey everyone :)

I wanted to make a quick vlog today about the wedding decor we've put up for my sisters wedding, but sadly I look a liiiiittle bit crap in the video - my hair is basically a mess! - but I've decided I'm going to blog about my updates, and then compile all of my video clips into one massive video for you guys to watch!

I'm getting really excited now for the wedding, we've got 6 days to go! We've spent hours today (and yesterday) brushing up on our dancing and my sister, who is like an amazing dancer - taught me some new moves. So I'm hoping to bust out some nice dance moves in my 6" heels


I'm gonna be wearing these:

And for the days before, I'll be wearing my other beige heels, and also another pair of black heels from New Look! Man, my feet are going to be really sore :(

I'm going to try and do an OOTD vlog/blog but I'm not sure when I'll be uploading it! Chances are, I may end up uploading it after the wedding :( But I'll try have the OOTD's written/uploaded asap.

The past few days, we've been decorating the house:- the entrance, the front door, the living room and our lounge room:

We decorated the stairs with artificial flowers and white ribbons!

Do you guys like it?

These are the only decor pics I have so far, but I will try and upload more pics (or put it all onto the compilation video) and you can have a looksie!

I hope you're all having a great week :)

~ xoxo

Thursday, 20 June 2013

French Manicure and My Sinful Colors Collection

Hey everyone :)

Do you guys like my french manicure?

I was sooooo happy to have picked up this nail polish for only £1.99 from Boots! 

The story of how I acquired such an amazing polish:
I went shopping a few weekends ago (yeah, I'm really bad at keeping this blog up to date with my recent purchases, but I can assure you that in a weeks time, it'll be up to scratch!) and I went to Boots, not really looking for anything in particular. But after half an hour later, I walked out with 4 gorgeous nail polishes and a Revlon concealer - which I shall review soon!
I noticed that there was a new stall (like... a stand? A box?) which said "Sinful Colors" and there being a huge variety of nail polishes in different colours! 
"What is this!?" I gasped. (Not really, but I did in my head... is it even possible to gasp in your head?)

And I saw a lovely bunch of colours that I ended up purchasing!:

And I think what really sold me on these nail polishes is that they were £1.99. Which is really really worth your money, considering these bottles are quite big (like the OPI bottles) and they have such lovely shades!

I picked up:
Sweet Nothing - 1171
Kissy (that I'll be wearing for my sisters wedding!) - 1102
Orange Cream - 1173

How they look with flash! :)

And this is the white shade that I also got, called Snow Me White - 101
I thought this would be a lot thinner than regular french manicure white polishes, and it is! It doesn't go gloopy and it dries quickly too!

I highly recommend these polishes :) they're pretty good quality too, I've worn my french manicure for a few days and it hasn't chipped! (Well.. except that I peeled off a bit of the surface of my nail when I was cooking potatoes... but that's just my own problem haha!)

I hope you guys liked this review!

~ xoxo

Monday, 17 June 2013

I suppose I can call this a mini hiatus

Hey everyone :)

I hope you're all doing well... It feels like I've not written for ages (well, it's only been four days) and I thought now would be a great time to address this.

My sister is getting married next week!

I'm so excited! And really busy too, so that's why I'm making this 'hiatus' notice... I will try to blog when I can during the next two weeks, but I can't guarantee that I'll be updating lots. 
We've been decorating the house, buying all of the foods that we need - and it's getting closer and closer! 

After the wedding, I have a lot of blog post and video ideas for you guys (really, how long have I been saying this?! But really, I do!)

For now, I'm going to leave you guys with a video I uploaded a few days ago :)
It's a tag video called: Beauty Things I Suck At.
Feel free to do this tag! :D

- Oh, and sorry I've not been replying to comments on here and on YouTube, I will do it soon! I promise! 

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~ xoxo

Friday, 14 June 2013

Fake Internet Personalities

Hey everyone :)

I supposed I'm not the only one that has come across this sort of behaviour, or 'acting' if that's what you wanna call it. It really does irk me when people feel that they need to put on a pretentious personality when it comes to communicating online.. whether it's on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

I know you might be thinking, "Well, how does someone else's behaviour affect me personally?" or "OMG U SHOULD LET PPL LIVE THEY'RE LIVESSS!!!1"
Okay people, I understand that completely (except the use of "they're" when it's "their"), and yeah, people should be able to live their lives without anyone saying anything.

But when you're able to see through someone's acting - well, their bad acting - then I suppose it does make you feel a little bit irritated. I've heard of people telling me about their friends who are on YouTube or on Twitter, and they're completely different to how they are in real life. Like, you know those types of girls who are so shy in person, and on the internet they're like a loose cannon. Yeah, like that. I think that resembled a 16-year-old me, but moving on...

I made this video about different Internet Personalities, and I just want to get this message across:
I am in no way making an attack on someone in particular. I made this video based on the millions of YouTube videos I've seen in the past 6 years, and also being a user of the Internet for a lot longer than 6 years, I've been exposed to different kinds of people who are a lot different in person to how they are online.
So please don't take this video really really reaaallllyyy seriously!
The main point I want to get across in this video is: You just need to be yourself; because some day, people will realise who you are and what you're about. And it's just better to be honest about that from the start :)

I hope you guys like this video and as always, don't forget to 'like' and subscribe! :)

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~ xoxo


Thursday, 13 June 2013

£2 Lashes?!

Hey everyone :)

I have another video to share with you all, and it's all about False Eyelashes!
As I have really tiny lashes, I am always in need of false lashes. So if I was to go to Boots or Superdrugs and buy a pair of lashes, I would be spending over £ fora single pair. However on eBay, you can get your hands on 10 pairs of lashes for £2 or less!

Check out my video, where I show you guys my growing collection of lashes and talk a little bit more about the quality and buying online.

I hope you guys like this video :) and I HIGHLYYYY recommend buying these lashes on eBay :) as they're definitely worth your money!

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~ xoxo

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Get Ready With Me - Soap & Glory Edition

Hey everyone :)

I thought I'd do a Get Ready With Me video using only Soap & Glory products - yes, I really have that many cosmetics by them!
This includes the base makeup, eyes and lips :) Sadly, I don't own any of their cheek products (I know they have blushers and bronzers, but they've never really stood out to me)
I hope you guys like this makeup!

Products used:
Show Good Face foundation in 'Naked In The Shade'
KICK ASS Concealer
Crazy Sexy Kohl Palette
THICK & FAST Mascara
Cat Eye Felt-tip Liner
FABU Lipstick in 'Red My Lips'
Sexy MOTHER PUCKER in 'Candy Gloss'

Oh, and the song I used is by Chiptune... I found it a few days ago and I can't stop listening to it haha! 

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~ xoxo

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Hey everyone :)

I hope you guys are having a great lazy Sunday... come on, I know you're being at least a liiiittle bit lazy! 
I made a new advice video about confidence, and well, I know everyone at some point in their life has experienced low confidence levels. Personally, I have and still occasionally do, but my confidence has improved tremendously over the past few years!
These are my tips and advice for you guys who are haunted by evil low confidence levels and need a bit of a boost :)
I hope you guys like it, and find it somewhat helpful :)

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~ xoxo

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Get Ready With Me X 2

Hey everyone :)

If you haven't watched my recent Get Ready With Me videos, here they are:

Song: My Friend and The Ink On His Fingers - Shout Out Louds 
(LOVE this song... Happythankyoumoreplease anyone?)

I always find that these videos are quite easy to film, but sooo hard to upload; considering you need a royalty free song! Which is quite annoying to find, because yesterday I uploaded a GRWM (we'll call it that, it's just too long to type out!) and I had used 'All Night' by Circ (I loooove that song), but it was flagged instantly for having copyright material. So I had to re-do the video and reupload it with a song that my cousin made.

I will be on the hunt for more music that isn't copyright :)

I hope you guys like these videos and don't forget to like and subscribe!

~ xoxo

Thursday, 6 June 2013

£5 HEELS?!

Hey everyone :)

What do you guys think of my new babies?

Believe it or not, I bought these for £5 each!

Check out my video review of these shoes here:

I first came across a while ago, and I had no idea what the quality of clothes and shows would be like. And for £5, I thought it'd be of not-so-good quality.
Boy was I wrong?!

These shoes are very comfortable, and they look incredibly luxurious! So many people have been complimenting me on my shoes, and I told them the price and they're like, "WHAT?!" 

I definitely recommend looking at the website because it's so awesome to see amazing shoes that would normally retail at around £25, for the price of £5.
With this being an online website, you will have to order your items and pay for delivery - and the delivery cost depends on the weight of the package. I paid £5.15 for postage - which isn't bad considering the shoes are only £5 each!

I really love these shoes and the fact that they're studded! I've always wanted studded shoes like this haha :)

I bought these in the shade 'Camel', and they're really casual-looking heels. They're the kind of heels you would wear to a lunch/brunch when you want to look like you've made an effort :P

The two pairs of heels are very comfortable despite their huge heel, and they don't feel tight or hard on the bottom of the foot. 
I totally recommend these shoes :)

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

FOTD: Smokey Browns

Hey everyone :)

So I'm actually having difficulty deciding how I should start off this post... How are you? Are you guys good?
As you can see, I'm probably not the best at starting a conversation, haha.

Nonetheless, I've been thinking about what I really want to do lately. Like, what I really want to do in terms of my career. I'm getting to that age where I'm just almost panicking about my future and I need a definite plan of what I'm going to do. 
A part of me is telling me to stick to blogging and YouTube, and see how far that takes me in a years time (well, up until my graduation haha!) and who knows, I might have a few career opportunities by then. Who knows?

Do you guys like my makeup?

Maybelline FIT ME Foundation
Benefit's Erase Paste
Glamouflage Concealer - Tan

Victoria Jackson Bronzer
BROWZINGS Eyebrow Kit - (yes, for the crease!)
Maybelline Black Eye Shadow
Soap & Glory Felt Tip Eyeliner
w7 Mascara

NYC Lipstick in Peach Fizz

I'm quite happy with my eyes, as the only eye shadow I used was the black shade by Maybelline, and the crease and blending colour was the powder in the BROWZINGS Eyebrow Kit, and the Victoria Jackson bronzer! The bronzer gives a warm hue to the eye makeup, and it's fun to experiment with different bronzers (you can find some really deep rusty shades!)

I really wanted to film today, so I did (I had a great video), but I wasn't really sure of my makeup/hair in the video... I don't know, it didn't come out quite right!

I will probably try again tomorrow :) and hopefully it will be alright and the video will be up on YouTube soon! I'm going to start writing out scripts for future videos and come up with new ideas for blog posts. I can't neglect this blog! :)

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Blogging Tip & Tricks... and All That Jazz

Hey everyone :)

Long time no type-ity type-ity! I hope you guys are well, and enjoying the glorious summer weather that we have been having.. I know I have! I've been spending hours outside, a bit of filming, reading some autobiographies, and working on some new blogging/vlogging material that hopefully you guys will enjoy! 

So, on to the main topic of this post. I wanted to talk about blogging - not really a 'how-to' - but the things that I recommend for bloggers who are new and starting out, or bloggers who are already out there that are needing a bit of advice. So... it is a kind of 'how-to'. Silly me! 

I don't mean to offend anyone with this video, as this is my own personal opinion and I'm speaking from my own experience and point of view about blogging. 

I hope you guys like this video, and as usual, don't forget to 'Like' and Subscribe! :)
~ xoxo
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