Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Using a Beauty Blender

Hey everyone :)

I've seen so many YouTubers use this Beauty Blender, and I've been sort of curious to try it out! My sister (luckily) had one, and I decided to use it and do a sort of "First Impressions" and Demo using it; so check out the video here:

Keep in mind, that is my first EVER video where I am talking and I was so nervous to make it - so apologies for all of the 'umm's and 'like's haha, I'm such a noob when it comes to talking in front of the camera. But hopefully, I'll improve with my videos!

Here are the products I used for this look:

Pink Beauty Blender
MAC Concealer
Clarins Everlasting Foundation
Sleek Powder
Elemis lipbalm
Revlon Stain Balm 

I chose to use this foundation for this look, simply because it's a heavy coverage foundation, and it's the foundation I wore here:

And the coverage the foundation provides is AMAZING!
So I wanted to see if I could still get a flawless finish using the Beauty Blender, as I can with a regular stippling brush.

But I found that using a Beauty Blender was just as good as using a regular sponge, as the coverage is the same and it spreads out foundation the same too... so I wasn't completely thrilled by the 'blending' aspect of it.

I really like the idea of running it under cold water, because it's super refreshing when you're blending out foundation with it. It doesn't feel wet.. but quite damp - not an icky damp - but just 'refreshing'. I suppose I can't describe it anymore than this :(

I have to admit that I am happy with the finish that the Beauty Blender creates, as it doesn't make the foundation look 'clumpy' over my scarring or problem areas, and it looks like my own skin. So it's great for a natural looking everyday sort of look, but I would stick to using a brush when I want to use foundation for good flash photography.

I used my MAC concealer with the beauty blender too, but I found that the Beauty Blender absorbed some of the product too... and my under eye circles don't look that great :( (as you can see in the video!)

I hope you liked this review and the video too, don't forget to subscribe as I will be making more videos. I will try to find a better spot to film - preferably a place where there is better lighting haha :)
~ xoxo

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