Sunday, 19 May 2013

"They're Real!" BENEFIT Mascara Review

Hey everyone :)

I knew when I saw this, I just HAD to have it
Not only do I love reading ELLE, but they had a free sample of the "They're Real!" mascara in this months issue, which made me overlook the price and just buy it!
(Note: Miley Cyrus looks AMAZING in this issue... I love her smokey eye makeup. I'm going to try and attempt it soon!)

I've been wanting to try out this mascara for ages, well... since I saw my friend Kyriaki wear it and her lashes looked soooo long. In fact, here's a picture from a mini photoshoot we did and just check out her amazing eyelashes!

They look so long and amazing right?!

So I had really high hopes for this mascara. So I tried it out, and I made a demo of my applying it, and also my instant thoughts and opinions about this product. 
Check out the video here:

As you can see, my lashes look thicker and fuller, but I didn't get that amazing length that I really wanted :(

This is with two coats of the mascara on..

Final Verdict:
- If you have crazy long lashes to begin with, then this mascara will accentuate how long they are, so if you have smaller lashes (like me), then you won't see much of a difference :( boo!
- I really love the brush on this mascara, as it grabs each lash and coats them all individually :)
- The formula dries quickly, and so you have to work quite quick when applying the mascara
- It lasts a really long time, and is a pain to remove too haha
- This mascara doesn't make my lashes go clumpy! Which is amazing as I do hate clumpy spider lashes.

This mascara didn't work as well as I'd hoped for, and I will continue to try it out and make a final verdict!. I've been so used to wearing the Soap & Glory THICK & FAST mascara, and I felt that that mascara did the same job, if not better. However, this product will be different for you and everyone else so if you still want to try it out, then do try it!
If you have any other ways to use this mascara and think it may benefit me, then do let me know... It'd be a shame if this mascara wasn't so great.

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