Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sisters Hen-Do & VLOG :)

Hey everyone :)

Last night we went out to Red Hot Buffet (I blogged about it a year ago when I went there with a few family relatives) but this time we went out with close friends and family as a 'Hen Do' for my sister! She's got a month left now until she gets married... the time is going by so fast!

Check out the "Behind The Scenes" type video I took :) with the Bride to Be herself! :)

Red Hot Buffet is absolutely amazing for those who are a bit fussy about what kind of food they want, like some may want Chinese, or a Pizza or Indian... and Red Hot Buffet has all of that, and more!

These are all of the different International foods they offer :)

Black Dress - New Look
Yellow Blazer - I'm not really sure, I think it was Primark :)
Tights - New Look
Heels - New Look

I think you can guess what my favourite shop is ;)

My sister :) Wearing her stash and tiara haha

All of us :)

Family friend, Sister, Me :)

The best thing about Red Hot Buffet, is that you can go back as many times as you want! And just get platefuls of food :) yummyyyyy!

First plate:
I got a beef taco, tomato and mozzarella, Kalamari rings, Roast shredded duck, BBQ Chicken wings, Artichoke Salad and a Beef Quesadilla :)

Second Plate:
Two sushi: California Roll and I'm nto sure what the other one was, Japanese style Shimp, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Lamb(or Beef) Dim Sum and more more more Shredded Duck! With some Hoisin sauce, and Sweet and Sour Sauce :)

Last Plate:
By this time, I was so full but I wanted my desserts :) I mean who can resist desserts!
I got two Crem Brulee's, Rasperry Swirl (like a fresh cream with taste of raspberries), Chocolate cake bites and TIRAMISU!!! I never realisedhow much I love Tiramisu til last night! It's sooooo yummy!

 Yummyyyyy :)

Me and the sister :) 

So then after we ate, we went to Browns which is like a few shops away from Red Hot. It's a chilled out place where you can buy dinner but also fancy cocktails, and it's really posh there too!

Looking at the list of Mocktails :) I choose not to drink alcohol so I ordered a Peach Iced Tea!

The bar area, and the huge clock!

My Peach Iced Tea :) 

It was soooo yummy! I've had Peach Iced Tea before, but this time, it really did have the taste of tea in there, and it was quite strong. But I was craving a cup of tea at that point haha! It was delicious! 

I hope you guys liked this post! I will be back with some more videos and posts!

~ xoxo

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