Thursday, 2 May 2013

Maybelline "The Eraser" Foundation Review

Hey everyone :)

I purchased The Eraser 'Instand Anti-Age' foundation by Maybelline a few weeks ago after seeing it in LOOK, and I've always been curious to try this foundation. I really like the Fit Me foundation by them, however I haven't tried others by Maybelline, and I've seen  SO many positive reviews about the Eraser concealer. 
However, in the UK, we can't get the Eraser concealer... so I decided to try the foundation out instead.

So it comes in a little bottle like this, and with a sponge tip applicator.
I'm not so keen on the sponge applicator as it seems really unhygienic to be using the same sponge on your face to apply the foundation, especially when it's tricky to wash it.

So this foundation works by twisting it, and then the foundation is released bit by bit.

The one thing I really like about this foundation, is how much it actually matched my skintone! Usually foundations are a bit too yellow or orange for me (my skin is that pale!)
But this foundation seemed to match really well!


With one layer...

With a second layer.

As you can see, it has managed to cover my scarring quite well, without it looking cakey or anything - so I really like that!

This is with a bit of eyeliner and bronzing powder :)

- Buildable coverage
- The consistency is quite light and liquidy, so you're able to blend it really well!
- The shade fits my skin tone :) yaay
- Doesn't look cakey, or give off a 'cake face' appearance

- The sponge tip applicator seems unhygienic
- You WILL need a setting powder for this, as it's liquidy consistency can make it look too dewy/oily and can melt off during the day

After trying this foundation, I am really wanting to try the concealer version of this range as it seems like it's a really good product!

~ xoxo

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  1. I always hear american youtubers rave about the concealer too. Hope it comes here :)


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