Thursday, 9 May 2013

LYING Makeup Artists

Hey everyone :)

Today's post is going to be about a serious topic, and PLEASE, read this post fully and carefully.

How would you feel if you paid a makeup artist £400 just to get your makeup done for a wedding/party etc : baring in mind that despite this makeup artist is a well-known and established makeup artist.

Yeah, you'd feel like you're in good hands, right?

What if you found out that you're paying £400 for a makeup artist to use brands such as MUA (which is like £1 per lipstick) despite this makeup artist saying that the makeup brands she uses are MAC and Illamasqua, and all of those luxury brands.

You'd feel a little cheated, right?

Now, I'm not saying using cheaper brands isn't great; because I love using my MUA Undressed palette as it's a perfect dupe of the Urban Decay NAKED palette. I think using cheaper brands is great, and I love how they're affordable for people who are wanting to get into makeup but don't have a lot of money to afford some of the luxury brands.

I'm trying to get across that: Makeup artists shouldn't LIE about the products they use. They should be honest with their clients and tell them about the brands that they are using, and not hide them behind the client so they cannot see, and they shouldn't tell everyone to get out of the room during the makeup application process.

This is the harsh truth of some 'leading' makeup artists in the industry.
They chop up MUA lipsticks and put them into separate containers and LIE to their clients, and tell them they're using MAC lipsticks. They using setting powders that are easily available in Superdrugs and Boots, and LIE to their clients and tell them they're using Urban Decay.

It's all full of lies.

There is nothing wrong with using cheaper brands, yet makeup artists still LIE to their clients and potential clients, and tell them they're going to use these luxury expensive brands, when they're not.

My sister made a video about this, and she was trying to warn people about makeup artists who are lying to their customers and clients, by cheating them into the illusion that they're going to have a makeup look made of purely MAC (or insert any other expensive brand here) cosmetics, but they're using other brands.

I was so disheartened when I found that people left my sister nasty comments, without even watching her video properly. They said that she was just jealous - despite her having an amazing clientele and a great reputation within the beauty industry, and so many people raving about her work. Even Illamasqua loves her work... so why all of this 'jealousy' talk?

She'd rather that people pay for the makeup that they deserve, rather than being cheated by makeup artists who are lying to their faces. 
~ xoxo


  1. i understand what your both trying to say, but i don't understand why your both so bothered about what other make up artists are doing, aslong as Raji is confident in what shes providing other people shouldn't matter. It came across like she was trying to put certain people down and mentioning in the video she doesn't care if people came up to her etc it just seemed like she had a problem with someone and made a video about it,she shoud've been more professional.

    1. I know what you mean, but her main purpose of the video was warning them.

      You have to see it from a makeup artists point of view, she wasn't trying to bring anyone down, in fact she's trying to make people see past the lies.

      Especially when it's a well known makeup artist, it makes people see makeup artists in a bad light, if you get what I mean. xx

  2. I fully agree , theres nothing wrong with using cheaper products but to say they are more expensive ones when they arent is false advertising.

    A good makeup artist will be able to make you look amazing no matter what products they use, they should not feel the need to lie. Its one thing to use cheaper products and not be explicit about the brands but its another matter to SAY they are MAC for example when they are a much cheaper drugstore alternative.

    1. Yes definitely, it IS false advertising and it's plain lying.
      I don't see why they can't be upfront about the makeup they use, because using cheaper products is cost effective and many drugstore brands have amazing products! It's the lying thing that is really bad! :) xx


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