Friday, 3 May 2013

HOW TO: Apply False Lashes

Hey everyone :)

I have another video and tutorial for you all!
How To: Apply False Lashes 

I know a few years ago when I bought my first ever set of lashes, I honestly didn't know how to wear the whole band.. in fact, I would always choose to cut the band in half and wear them as half lashes (or demi lashes). I was absolutely baffled at how people can apply the entire lash band on their eye - as I found it so hard to do!

However, after a few years of practice, I am able to apply the lashes without cutting them in half (I will probably do a video on this another time), but I made a tutorial on how to wear a whole band of lashes - but using the cheating method!

Watch here:

I have made a mini step by step tutorial here for you guys, if you're wanting a written version :)

So this is the lash I'm going to use. It's a little thick and long, but I prefer lashes like this if I have a dramatic eye makeup look. It helps to make the eyes look more attractive haha :)

I used eyelid glue, as I find that it dries clear - which is so much better than those other small tubes of glue which become a white/cream colour when it dries up. Plus, this dries quicker, so you can apply the glue and then put it directly onto your own lashes straight away without it coming off.

So I cut my lashes into 3 pieces like this, and remember to make sure you know which piece goes where! You don't want longer lashes towards the inner corner of your eye!

So these are my lashes before.. I have just two coats of mascara on :)

(And do you guys like my makeup? :D)

So you take the first piece and apply glue, and stick it to the area that it would go if you were to apply the whole band directly to the lashline. I like to start from the inner corner outwards :)

With the first section of lashes on...

Adding more pieces.. 
(I LOVE this pic, it's so clear!)

This is the final result!
I usually like the make the end lashes droop down a little bit more than usual, as I like a more curved effect :)

After the lashes are applied, I go over any glue that is showing with a black eyeliner - just to make it blend in with the makeup :)

And ta dah! You're lashes are on and your eyes look lovely :)

I hope you liked this tutorial, and do 'Like' my video and subscribe too! :)
~ xoxo

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