Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hey everyone :)

I received these under-eye refreshing patches from PinkyParadise.com when I bought a few circle lenses. I think I had used a promo code that they give to sponsors, so others are able to purchase items and receive a few goodies!! 
I received this, which is the "Crystal Eyelid Patch", and well at first, I dropped it into my drawer and found it while I was looking for something to soothe my under eyes.

I know it looks silly, but it was VERY refreshing and my under eyes felt so smooth

What the "Crystal Eyelid Patch" claims to do:
- Reduce dark circles
- Removes puffiness
- Prevent & refine aging
- Anti Wrinkle

So these patches came like this. They're placed in a little pocket in the plastic, and with it's serum. 
Oh! Be careful to take out these refreshing patches on a flat surface, as the serum will end up pouring out, and I did this on my bed so that was definitely a bad idea haha!

You peel out the patches and then place it onto the under eye area, and then wait!! 
On the pack it says to leave these patches on for 30 minutes or more, and I left mine on for 45 minutes, just because I really love relaxing :P

After removing these under eye patches, my under eye circles look much more refreshed and moisturised. I can't really say that it brightened them up, as I saw no difference :( My under eyes are literally the worst as they're really dark, so I wasn't too happy with the fact that it didn't make any difference.

I did like these patches though, as they were a great pamper treatment for my eyes, and I'm happy that I received these as a free gift too! :)

Have you tried any under eye patches, and do you find that they work for you?

~ xoxo

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