Monday, 20 May 2013

HAIR CARE | And all that jazz..

Hey everyone :)

I was requested to do this video about my hair care, and how I managed to grow my hair long - and the girl who asked me is a subbie on YouTube! :)
I've been getting a TON of requests and questions for YouTube videos lately, and I'm happy that I have a lot of time off so I can do a lotttt of videos!

So this video is about my hair care, a bit of history about my hair and how I had it cut, and the products that I use now! I also mention vitamins I've taken too, like Folic Acid, and 'Hair Skin and Nails', which do help the hair to grow healthier :)

But I have to stress here: There isn't a way of making your hair grow FASTER, because hair has it's natural growth rate, and there isn't really a way of speeding it up. 
You just have to wait, but there are ways of helping the growth stimulate (if you feel like your hair isn't getting longer over a large period of time!)

Check the video out here:

I hope you guys like this video, and don't forget to 'like' and subscribe!
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~ xoxo

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  1. Very nice blog and video.........thanks for sharing your haircare routine.

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