Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dying My Sister-In-Law's Hair RUBINE

Hey everyone :)

After trying the La Riche Directions in Dark Tulip, my sister in law was really tempted to try the shade Rubine, as it's a lovely vibrant reddish shade. Ever since I've known her, she's always had her hair done professionally, costing her over £50 each time (I think, or more). Yet, the La Riche Directions dye she picked up was an amazing £3.99!

She'd previously got her hair dyed with highlights, and lots of mahogany streaks - which had faded during the past month - so she wanted to attempt to dye hair hair at home. 
Af first she was considering the Schwarzkopf LIVE dyes, but I was like, "No just don't use it! You're paying a lot of money for colour that won't stay vibrant or even last in your hair!"

So she decided to pick up the Rubine shade and let me do the whole colouring process :D

Here are the photos of how it turned out:

After the dye had been applied!

With artificial indoor lighting:

With flash:

In natural sunlight:

I really love this shade! It's a lovely plum sort of colour and it makes her hair look like it's bursting with so much energy! Haha!

~ xoxo

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