Thursday, 16 May 2013

BBQ Chicken, please

Hey everyone :)

I'm sorry for not posting anything, I've been a tad busy but I can assure you that I will be posting lots after this weekend! 
Nonetheless, here are some photos from yesterdays dinner at The Dexter. It's a pub that is at the end of my street... and it's not a pub as in, a pub where old drunk men gather on the weekends. But it's quite classy and the food there is lovely! It's a lovely place to go eat with friends and family :)

It's super classy with lovely flowers around it, and it looks really spacious inside despite this pic.. It's not really flattering haha

This was my order... 1/2 BBQ Chicken with chips, BBQ sauce and a dollop of fresh coleslaw 

So delicious, it was really creamy and the veggies were crunchy, and the sauce on it wasn't too overpowering either.

This chicken is SO SO SO yummy, and I'm getting hungry just writing about it haha. It's got a super crispy skin that has a sweet BBQ taste but it also tastes like a roast chicken. 
Despite the blackened areas being crispy, those were the best bits for me to be honest.. I love crispy chicken skin!

My mum had ordered the same dish, and she loved it too!

Yep... this was our table number, believe it or not!
How awkward? 

I wonder how many people can say that they're sitting on table 69 without a smirk... Or maybe that's just me being quite immature 

~ xoxo

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