Thursday, 30 May 2013

"I can't be bothered..." Makeup Tutorial ft Benefit's Erase Paste

Hey everyone :)

If you've been reading this blog, you will know that for the past couple of days or so, I've been feeling so under the weather! I don't know what had come over me, but I went through a few days of feeling like I just couldn't be bothered to do look my best.
This had inspired me to create this makeup tutorial!

It's for those days where you are just feeling your worst, but you know you have to go out and look presentable... and, if you're feeling like your skin needs that extra coverage, then I show how to conceal those under eye circles; so you can look brighter and fresher!

Products Used:
Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation - 201 'Classic Beige'
Benefit Erase Paste - 03 'Deep'
Maybelline FIT Me Concealer - 25
The Body Shop 'All In One Base' - 06

But the whole magic of this tutorial is the absolutely amazing Erase Paste by Benefit! 
Last week, I was asking my sister about concealing my under eyes, as I feel that I need extra coverage - especially when it comes to filming and taking photographs. I always feel that my under eyes still look a little bit grey, and too evident, rather than looking flawless and fresh.

She suggested I used Erase Paste, and lucky for me, she had the product already so I didn't have to go out and buy one. (But honestly, I am definitely going out to buy one once this runs out... or she wants it back haha!

The shade I have is No 3 'Deep', and this is a really rich salmon shade. When I first opened the lid, I was shocked because I thought that this wouldn't match me at all.

It looks quite orangey... however, this helps to counteract the blue/purple tones under the eyes and once it's blended it, it doesn't look so orangey. I hope this swatch helps.. I'm an NC30 and this suits me really well! 

How I applied this:
I applied the Wake Me Up Foundation all over my skin as a base, and I applied two layers of this foundation - which was enough to cover my acne scarring! Woo!
Then I got a brush and dabbed it into the Erase Paste and applied it in a smiley face under my eyes, which I then blended and added a bit more corrector as I wanted a completely flawless look. The eyes don't just stop there, as you will need to apply a bit of concealer (or a lot, if you're me!) on top of this corrector, just to make it blend well into your own skin The concealer I used was the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 25, and applied this over the corrector. Then I finished the look by dusting a bit of finishing powder and ta da! Finished!

I hope you guys liked this tutorial :) don't forget to 'Like' my video and Subscribe! 
~ xoxo

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 Drugstore Foundations | REVIEW

Hey everyone :)

I'm bringing you guys another video, yay! 
I have a ton of foundations at home and a few new ones that I've bought throughout the year, which I've not got round to reviewing. But I thought, "ey, why not make a video and select 5 to review!" I have a few that are much higher end, so I decided to stick with the cheaper and easily available foundations which you can purchase from like Boots and Superdrugs :)

So my selected drugstore foundations are:
~ Seventeen On The Spot Foundation - I picked that up because it was the first foundation that I've EVER seen with Salicyclic Acid.
~ Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - And an indepth REVIEW on this foundation here
~ REVLON Colourstay Foundation - for Combination/Oily Skin :)
~ Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation - Although this is not in my perfect shade :( I still really like it though!
~ L'Oreal True Match Foundation

I hope you guys like this video, and that my review was helpful :)
If you have any questions, do leave them in the comment section below either on here or on YouTube and I will answer them for you! 
~ xoxo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hey everyone :)

I received these under-eye refreshing patches from when I bought a few circle lenses. I think I had used a promo code that they give to sponsors, so others are able to purchase items and receive a few goodies!! 
I received this, which is the "Crystal Eyelid Patch", and well at first, I dropped it into my drawer and found it while I was looking for something to soothe my under eyes.

I know it looks silly, but it was VERY refreshing and my under eyes felt so smooth

What the "Crystal Eyelid Patch" claims to do:
- Reduce dark circles
- Removes puffiness
- Prevent & refine aging
- Anti Wrinkle

So these patches came like this. They're placed in a little pocket in the plastic, and with it's serum. 
Oh! Be careful to take out these refreshing patches on a flat surface, as the serum will end up pouring out, and I did this on my bed so that was definitely a bad idea haha!

You peel out the patches and then place it onto the under eye area, and then wait!! 
On the pack it says to leave these patches on for 30 minutes or more, and I left mine on for 45 minutes, just because I really love relaxing :P

After removing these under eye patches, my under eye circles look much more refreshed and moisturised. I can't really say that it brightened them up, as I saw no difference :( My under eyes are literally the worst as they're really dark, so I wasn't too happy with the fact that it didn't make any difference.

I did like these patches though, as they were a great pamper treatment for my eyes, and I'm happy that I received these as a free gift too! :)

Have you tried any under eye patches, and do you find that they work for you?

~ xoxo

Monday, 27 May 2013

I feel like..

I don't know why but lately I've been feeling like I'm stuck in a routine, and even though I try, I'm just not succeeding. I don't know, maybe I'll be fine in a few days, but I'd really like my motivation back please?
I know I've not been blogging loads, especially with my beauty reviews, but I promise I'll be writing them up asap :)
I feel like I'm still on that journey of self discovery, and there is so much out there that I want to experience.. And I just want to do it now.

I hope you all are well 

~ xoxo

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sisters Hen-Do & VLOG :)

Hey everyone :)

Last night we went out to Red Hot Buffet (I blogged about it a year ago when I went there with a few family relatives) but this time we went out with close friends and family as a 'Hen Do' for my sister! She's got a month left now until she gets married... the time is going by so fast!

Check out the "Behind The Scenes" type video I took :) with the Bride to Be herself! :)

Red Hot Buffet is absolutely amazing for those who are a bit fussy about what kind of food they want, like some may want Chinese, or a Pizza or Indian... and Red Hot Buffet has all of that, and more!

These are all of the different International foods they offer :)

Black Dress - New Look
Yellow Blazer - I'm not really sure, I think it was Primark :)
Tights - New Look
Heels - New Look

I think you can guess what my favourite shop is ;)

My sister :) Wearing her stash and tiara haha

All of us :)

Family friend, Sister, Me :)

The best thing about Red Hot Buffet, is that you can go back as many times as you want! And just get platefuls of food :) yummyyyyy!

First plate:
I got a beef taco, tomato and mozzarella, Kalamari rings, Roast shredded duck, BBQ Chicken wings, Artichoke Salad and a Beef Quesadilla :)

Second Plate:
Two sushi: California Roll and I'm nto sure what the other one was, Japanese style Shimp, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Lamb(or Beef) Dim Sum and more more more Shredded Duck! With some Hoisin sauce, and Sweet and Sour Sauce :)

Last Plate:
By this time, I was so full but I wanted my desserts :) I mean who can resist desserts!
I got two Crem Brulee's, Rasperry Swirl (like a fresh cream with taste of raspberries), Chocolate cake bites and TIRAMISU!!! I never realisedhow much I love Tiramisu til last night! It's sooooo yummy!

 Yummyyyyy :)

Me and the sister :) 

So then after we ate, we went to Browns which is like a few shops away from Red Hot. It's a chilled out place where you can buy dinner but also fancy cocktails, and it's really posh there too!

Looking at the list of Mocktails :) I choose not to drink alcohol so I ordered a Peach Iced Tea!

The bar area, and the huge clock!

My Peach Iced Tea :) 

It was soooo yummy! I've had Peach Iced Tea before, but this time, it really did have the taste of tea in there, and it was quite strong. But I was craving a cup of tea at that point haha! It was delicious! 

I hope you guys liked this post! I will be back with some more videos and posts!

~ xoxo

Friday, 24 May 2013

Organic Surge HAUL

Hey everyone :)

I hope you're all having a fabbo week despite this dreary weather, I am, well except that I've been feeling a bit meh - hence why I haven't made a video today or yesterday. 
I feel like I've lost my. erm.. mojo a bit? I think that's the right word.. But I was so happy to receive my Organic Surge products in the post today. 

I came across this company whilst watching a video by AModelRecommends on YouTube, and I absolutely love her videos! I noticed how amazing her skin is, and I immediately clicked on her Skincare video, and then her Top 5 Cleaners. She mentioned how her skin was combination and sensitive - which is like mine, although mine is more on the oily side of 'combination' - and she mentioned Organic Surge. This brand is a certified company who sell organic products, from facial cleansers, to masks, to moisturisers, to bubble baths! There are so many amazing items by Organic Surge, and the best thing about the products, is that they're all made of natural ingredients!

It's so hard to find a cleanser (especially) which doesn't contain a specific harsh ingredient called "Sodium Lauryl Sulphate" - this mouthful of an ingredient is basically the foaming agent within a face wash, however it is a skin irritant. My brother told me about this harsh ingredient several months ago - which led me to switch my skincare to Murad products, which didn't contain this ingredient. And since then, my skin has improved drastically!

If you've been watching my previous videos, you will know that I've ran out of my Murad cleanser, and I've been on the hunt for a new cleanser! I've been using Tea Tree soap for a few days, but I've found that my skin has broke out, and I have several mountains on my cheeks! It's a horrible feeling to think that my acne is coming back, but I've bought these Organic Surge products in a plea to help my acne go away, completely.

Organic Surge products are free of nasty and technical-sounded chemicals that alter the skin's natural PH levels; so parabens and the dreaded SLS! The company is also against animal testing, which is a great thing for animal lovers! :)

So I bought the two cleansers: Daily Care face wash, and the Pure & Clean face wash (just so I know I have a back up for when the other one finishes!) and these two products came to just under £12! I opened the packaging expecting to find only the two bottles, but I was surprised to see that there was a pack of Kiss and Makeup face wipes! (I've been needing face wipes for a few days now and haven't managed to get any, how lucky!) I also received a sample of the Blissful Daily moisturiser too, which I can't wait to try out.

I will be posting a full review of these products soon, and hopefully doing a Before and After so if there is a difference in my skin, you will all be able to see!

Have a great weekend guys, and hopefully I will be back with a new video :)
~ xoxo

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Get To KNOW Me :)

Hey everyone :)

Another video here, and this time it's the 'Get To KNOW Me' Tag. I've seen a lot of YouTubers do this video and it's always so interesting to see what people have to say about the basic questions!
I thought it'd be great to do this video, so you guys get to know me a little bit more than you might already do, so enjoy!

Check out my video here:

I hope you guys like this video and don't forget to 'Like' and SUBSCRIBE too :)

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~ xoxo

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hey everyone :)

New video for you guys today. I was requested to do this video by Nadia - who came across my blog several months ago and is a lovely follower! - and she wanted me to do a video on products I recommend and don't recommend, for acne prone skin!

So these are products that I have bought in the past, and it consists of makeup - what I look for in makeup products so that it doesn't aggravate my skin - and also skincare. The cleanser I LOVE is by Murad, and it's the Clarifying Cleanser, however I am going to be trying out other cleansers too because Murad products can be a little pricey :( I have a few cleansers on the way to my house soon, so I shall be trying them out and hopefully, it will be great! (I'll do a review on it soon :D)
Plus, I have mentioned products for covering acne, like foundations and concealers; and also products for tackling acne, so products like Bio Oil, Witch Hazel, Pan Oxyl, Tea Tree... things like that!

I hope you found this video helpful and if you have any questions, then do leave them in the comments section below :)

~ xoxo

Monday, 20 May 2013

HAIR CARE | And all that jazz..

Hey everyone :)

I was requested to do this video about my hair care, and how I managed to grow my hair long - and the girl who asked me is a subbie on YouTube! :)
I've been getting a TON of requests and questions for YouTube videos lately, and I'm happy that I have a lot of time off so I can do a lotttt of videos!

So this video is about my hair care, a bit of history about my hair and how I had it cut, and the products that I use now! I also mention vitamins I've taken too, like Folic Acid, and 'Hair Skin and Nails', which do help the hair to grow healthier :)

But I have to stress here: There isn't a way of making your hair grow FASTER, because hair has it's natural growth rate, and there isn't really a way of speeding it up. 
You just have to wait, but there are ways of helping the growth stimulate (if you feel like your hair isn't getting longer over a large period of time!)

Check the video out here:

I hope you guys like this video, and don't forget to 'like' and subscribe!
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~ xoxo

Sunday, 19 May 2013

"They're Real!" BENEFIT Mascara Review

Hey everyone :)

I knew when I saw this, I just HAD to have it
Not only do I love reading ELLE, but they had a free sample of the "They're Real!" mascara in this months issue, which made me overlook the price and just buy it!
(Note: Miley Cyrus looks AMAZING in this issue... I love her smokey eye makeup. I'm going to try and attempt it soon!)

I've been wanting to try out this mascara for ages, well... since I saw my friend Kyriaki wear it and her lashes looked soooo long. In fact, here's a picture from a mini photoshoot we did and just check out her amazing eyelashes!

They look so long and amazing right?!

So I had really high hopes for this mascara. So I tried it out, and I made a demo of my applying it, and also my instant thoughts and opinions about this product. 
Check out the video here:

As you can see, my lashes look thicker and fuller, but I didn't get that amazing length that I really wanted :(

This is with two coats of the mascara on..

Final Verdict:
- If you have crazy long lashes to begin with, then this mascara will accentuate how long they are, so if you have smaller lashes (like me), then you won't see much of a difference :( boo!
- I really love the brush on this mascara, as it grabs each lash and coats them all individually :)
- The formula dries quickly, and so you have to work quite quick when applying the mascara
- It lasts a really long time, and is a pain to remove too haha
- This mascara doesn't make my lashes go clumpy! Which is amazing as I do hate clumpy spider lashes.

This mascara didn't work as well as I'd hoped for, and I will continue to try it out and make a final verdict!. I've been so used to wearing the Soap & Glory THICK & FAST mascara, and I felt that that mascara did the same job, if not better. However, this product will be different for you and everyone else so if you still want to try it out, then do try it!
If you have any other ways to use this mascara and think it may benefit me, then do let me know... It'd be a shame if this mascara wasn't so great.

I hope you liked this review, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel! :)

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~ xoxo

Thursday, 16 May 2013

BBQ Chicken, please

Hey everyone :)

I'm sorry for not posting anything, I've been a tad busy but I can assure you that I will be posting lots after this weekend! 
Nonetheless, here are some photos from yesterdays dinner at The Dexter. It's a pub that is at the end of my street... and it's not a pub as in, a pub where old drunk men gather on the weekends. But it's quite classy and the food there is lovely! It's a lovely place to go eat with friends and family :)

It's super classy with lovely flowers around it, and it looks really spacious inside despite this pic.. It's not really flattering haha

This was my order... 1/2 BBQ Chicken with chips, BBQ sauce and a dollop of fresh coleslaw 

So delicious, it was really creamy and the veggies were crunchy, and the sauce on it wasn't too overpowering either.

This chicken is SO SO SO yummy, and I'm getting hungry just writing about it haha. It's got a super crispy skin that has a sweet BBQ taste but it also tastes like a roast chicken. 
Despite the blackened areas being crispy, those were the best bits for me to be honest.. I love crispy chicken skin!

My mum had ordered the same dish, and she loved it too!

Yep... this was our table number, believe it or not!
How awkward? 

I wonder how many people can say that they're sitting on table 69 without a smirk... Or maybe that's just me being quite immature 

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Hey everyone :)

I hope you guys are well and are having a great week! 
We decided to record another video for you guys, and this video is: "5 Products We LIKE/DISLIKE" and I think it's a tag, but we split it so it's 5 products each for like and dislike! 

Our 5 Products We LIKE:
Including these brands:
Soap & Glory
HD Brows
FM Cosmetics

Our 5 Products We DISLIKE:
Including these brands:
Sally Hansen
Natural Collection

Don't forget to like and also subscribe to our channels :)

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~ xoxo

Monday, 13 May 2013

BLINDFOLDED Makeup Challenge

Hey everyone :)

Here is the "Blindfolded Makeup Challenge" by me and my sister!
It was so much fun to do and at the same time it was so nerve wracking! Honestly, once you put the blindfold on, you lose all sense of sense about where all of the makeup is, despite seeing it before putting the blindfold on. 

I hope you guys like this video! And do check out my sisters channel as she has uploaded the video of me applying makeup to her :)

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~ xoxo

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Catchup

Hey everyone :)

I hope you guys are doing well! It feels like I've hardly blogged this week.. And I'm trying to update the blog whilst concentrating on the whole YouTube side. I've made a few videos this week!! I'm so excited about it all, and I have TONS of ideas. In fact... I've wrote out blog/video ideas for the entire year (up until next July) . I have so many ideas, and I'm really dedicated on making this blog really well known! But also working on being super confident in front of the camera :)

Check out my list of blog posts:

So many ideas, I'm really passionate about writing and hopefully my videos will definitely improve haha! I plan on making videos much more regularly after June (my sister is getting married in June) so I will have a lot of free time! I'm going to be making a lot of University halls style videos too, so I'm realllllyyyy looking forward to it!

So onto my new videos... Do check them out, and don't forget to subscribe and like :)

SUBSCRIBE, please! :)

A couple of photos:

Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely Sunday!

~ xoxo

Friday, 10 May 2013

Paranormal Experiences

Hey everyone :)

I decided to make a collab video with my sister, and it's about Paranormal Experiences! We've had a few, well she's had most paranormal experiences, but we talked about stories we've heard from our auntie too! And we think we might try and get her to talk in another paranormal video - maybe!

We had fun making this video, and I hope you guys like it!

I've included her YouTube channel in the video too, so don't forget to subscribe to her! (Oh, and me too!) Give the video a thumbs up, and do leave us a comment telling us about your own paranormal experiences, or any ghosty stories you've heard.

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~ xoxo

Thursday, 9 May 2013

LYING Makeup Artists

Hey everyone :)

Today's post is going to be about a serious topic, and PLEASE, read this post fully and carefully.

How would you feel if you paid a makeup artist £400 just to get your makeup done for a wedding/party etc : baring in mind that despite this makeup artist is a well-known and established makeup artist.

Yeah, you'd feel like you're in good hands, right?

What if you found out that you're paying £400 for a makeup artist to use brands such as MUA (which is like £1 per lipstick) despite this makeup artist saying that the makeup brands she uses are MAC and Illamasqua, and all of those luxury brands.

You'd feel a little cheated, right?

Now, I'm not saying using cheaper brands isn't great; because I love using my MUA Undressed palette as it's a perfect dupe of the Urban Decay NAKED palette. I think using cheaper brands is great, and I love how they're affordable for people who are wanting to get into makeup but don't have a lot of money to afford some of the luxury brands.

I'm trying to get across that: Makeup artists shouldn't LIE about the products they use. They should be honest with their clients and tell them about the brands that they are using, and not hide them behind the client so they cannot see, and they shouldn't tell everyone to get out of the room during the makeup application process.

This is the harsh truth of some 'leading' makeup artists in the industry.
They chop up MUA lipsticks and put them into separate containers and LIE to their clients, and tell them they're using MAC lipsticks. They using setting powders that are easily available in Superdrugs and Boots, and LIE to their clients and tell them they're using Urban Decay.

It's all full of lies.

There is nothing wrong with using cheaper brands, yet makeup artists still LIE to their clients and potential clients, and tell them they're going to use these luxury expensive brands, when they're not.

My sister made a video about this, and she was trying to warn people about makeup artists who are lying to their customers and clients, by cheating them into the illusion that they're going to have a makeup look made of purely MAC (or insert any other expensive brand here) cosmetics, but they're using other brands.

I was so disheartened when I found that people left my sister nasty comments, without even watching her video properly. They said that she was just jealous - despite her having an amazing clientele and a great reputation within the beauty industry, and so many people raving about her work. Even Illamasqua loves her work... so why all of this 'jealousy' talk?

She'd rather that people pay for the makeup that they deserve, rather than being cheated by makeup artists who are lying to their faces. 
~ xoxo

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Dying My Sister-In-Law's Hair RUBINE

Hey everyone :)

After trying the La Riche Directions in Dark Tulip, my sister in law was really tempted to try the shade Rubine, as it's a lovely vibrant reddish shade. Ever since I've known her, she's always had her hair done professionally, costing her over £50 each time (I think, or more). Yet, the La Riche Directions dye she picked up was an amazing £3.99!

She'd previously got her hair dyed with highlights, and lots of mahogany streaks - which had faded during the past month - so she wanted to attempt to dye hair hair at home. 
Af first she was considering the Schwarzkopf LIVE dyes, but I was like, "No just don't use it! You're paying a lot of money for colour that won't stay vibrant or even last in your hair!"

So she decided to pick up the Rubine shade and let me do the whole colouring process :D

Here are the photos of how it turned out:

After the dye had been applied!

With artificial indoor lighting:

With flash:

In natural sunlight:

I really love this shade! It's a lovely plum sort of colour and it makes her hair look like it's bursting with so much energy! Haha!

~ xoxo
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