Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The difference between the left and the right

Hey everyone :)

Have you guys noticed I mainly take photos on my left side? 

For example..

Because I do believe that everyone has a good side and a bad side - I'm not saying the bad side is an 'ugly' side. Just that some people favour a different side of their face when it comes to taking photos.
And then there are some who are just lucky to have a nice face regardless of different angles.

I suppose it's through trial and error that I've found out my good side. Pffft, trail and error, I make it sound like a science experiment. But really, I've only been keen on my baby photos (as both of my angles looked the same) up until I turned around 8? I think. And then I've just considered my left side to be my favourite side.

Why don't I like the right side?

Because I look so damn different. It's weird.

One of my realllyyyy old Instagram pictures! I took this two years ago! I know this is really edited, but I had to, as my skin was literally at it's worst at this time!

One of my oldies, but favourites :) I think I took this whilst I was in Year 11 or Year 12.. so at least 5 years ago! Surprisingly enough, I like this photo despite it being my bad side. I'd like to redo it again now..

But I know you might be thinking, "If you don't like that side so much, then what is with your blog header?"

And well... I don't know. I think the camera I used had flattered my features, so I really liked the outcome of the photo. Thinking back on it now though, I don't understand how I managed to take a decent picture of that side haha!

Okay, vain blog post over.

Do you have a good and bad side? Or are you just a "fuck it" kinda person and don't care, or are you blessed with amazing good looks? (If you're the last one, then I'm super jelly. Royal jelly)

~ xoxo

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