Saturday, 20 April 2013

She's an inspiration

Hey everyone :)

You guys must surely know Michelle Phan... right?

And do you remember this video?

Yep, her first YouTube video that was the first step that landed her where she is now. I remember coming across this video when she first uploaded it (yeah, I've dabbled with YouTube a bit since 2007, when I started uploading phone call pranks that I did. Bet you didn't know that, did you? :P)
And I remember thinking "OMG, she makes applying makeup look so easy!"
Because around that time, I was just in the stage of wearing mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss. Aah, those were the days! I kept watching this video (and she uploaded another one about a makeup look to achieve brighter eyes) and I remember always watching her apply makeup and me wanting to have amazingly clear skin!
(6 years down the line, and I have finally got sort of clear skin haha!)

At the end of her videos, she would always include her Xanga blog, and at first, I never really knew much about blogs. But I remember reading hers and thinking, "omg she's an Art student! I want to go to her college! She's amazing at art" and all things like that. I really loved reading her blog as she just seemed really real and genuine, and someone I could relate to. So after reading her blog for a few months, I really wanted to try blogging - but it slipped my mind during my A-Levels and I started blogging properly after I finished sixth form. 
But nonetheless, her blog had really inspired me to blog about beauty, makeup but also about real life things, as her blog was also updated with posts about her life and her artwork, and her college experience.

Amazing artwork! 
Around the time I came across Michelle's blog, I was in my first year of GCSE's - and I was only great at drawing with pencils. However I was totally motivated and inspired to paint and get out of my comfort zone.

This was a post she wrote about making toasties, and I just found it really creative and funny how she made her posts quite entertaining.

She'd always used to have photos like this in the 24 hour lab, and how she'd be like "I've been working here all night on some artwork" and then posting up her work in progress and me being like "wow!". And I always wanted to have that sort of college experience of working all night on some work... I guess I can't really do proper graded art work like she did as I'm studying Journalism.. 

Why is she one of my inspirations to blog?

Because she made blogging look so effortless and easy - which it is - and her posts would always be funny and entertaining and informative. And I really wish that would come across in my own blog posts - however I think I still need to work on that haha. 
I found a website where I can read through some of her old posts, and it really is refreshing to read her posts. Seeing other beauty bloggers - most of them always write about a review, or swatches, or things like that. And I always feel like I don't know about the person who's actually writing the blog.
I think Michelle Phan wrote her blog posts with a lot of personality, and I really think that is key to a good blog.
~ xoxo

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