Monday, 29 April 2013

Re-Ombre-ing My Hair: Schwarzkopf x Clairol x PROVOKE

Hey everyone :)

Do you notice anything different?

Yeahh of course, it's my hair! :)

I went from this... to this...

 Yeah I know it isn't really THAT much of a change, although I had dyed the ends of my hair lighter - lighter than they were when I did the Ombre in July. And well... I want to keep the ends looking more blonde rather than a yellow/brass shade.

Watch my video where I explain the products I used and the whole process! :)


You can tell that the ends are quite blonde - I'm so happy with it! :D 

So how did I do it?

Unlike last time when I did it HERE, I used these set of products:

I used: 
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL in 00B :- I HIGHLY recommend this dye if you're wanting to lighten your hair (from a really dark colour - whether it being dark brown to black), as it really works! I've tried the shade 00A, and that honestly makes your hair like a platinum shade without it looking really brassy. Although I felt that after using 00A, my hair felt really brittle. But I found that 00B was just as good, and my hair colour went the shade I wanted!
Clairol Nice 'n Easy in 102:- I chose this shade as it's an ASH blonde, and the key is in the name ASH. If you're dying your hair blonde, or wanting to lighten it  - and you don't want your hair to look yellow/brassy, then look out for a hair dye with the word 'ASH' in it, as it helps to create cool tones in your hair, so it looks less yellow/brassy. Although this shade isn't permanent, I really do like it! I am looking for a more permanent ASH shade though..
PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver - Intensive Treatment Conditioner:- I know there are other products by this brand that help reduce the brassiness of the hair, including shampoo and other conditioners. However, I wanted something that would really treat my freshly dyed hair, because using the 00B shade, I felt that my hair was a little damaged. But I used this conditioner when I washed my hair, and left it in for 10 minutes! My hair felt less dry and brittle, and also it doesn't look yellow/orangey! Yayy! :)

This was my hair before using these dyes:

As you can see, my hair had a few streaks of brown in it from when I dyed it last year - I went over my hair in a light brown colour - but that made the ends of my hair look more brown. And my roots... they're so dark!! Haha!

This was after using the Schwarzkopf XXL LIVE dye..

It looks so fiery and orange in the sunlight!!

But this is how it looks in natural indoor daylight:

To be honest, these last two pictures make my hair look quite nice, however in person, it looked more brassy. And I really didn't want it to look orangey/goldy :(
I'm quite happy with the result of lightening it though, as I mainly applied the dye at the ends of the hair and then blended it upwards so it had that 'ombre effect'.

So the next day, I went through with dying over the 'ombre' with this ASH hair colour:

This is the results of the colour on the box... although everyone knows that it doesn't exactly end up like that hahaa :P

So I had applied this mainly to the ends of my hair, and then upwards onto the ombre, and then on the the crown of my head - so it looks more even :) I left the colour in for 30 minutes and rinsed, and then followed up with using the Clairol conditioner mixed in with the PRO:VOKE conditioner - and I left that in for 10 minutes :)

And this is the final result!

What do you guys think?
~ xoxo

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