Thursday, 4 April 2013

Prom Makeup Tutorial ft MUA Undress Me Too ♥

Hey everyone :)

Today I helped my sister out and I was her model for a 'Prom Makeup Tutorial', and I shall include the video in this post.

She had a lot of requests for a party/prom makeup, using products you can buy at Superdrug and Boots. I still have the dress I wore to mine, and she insisted that I'd be her model - not that I had any problem with it :P
Until you have a makeup artist do your makeup, you won't understand how RELAXING it is to have your makeup done and the bristles on your face... ahh!

We used the new MUA "Undress Me Too" palette, and wow, the colours in this palette are so lovely! I think we both prefer this palette to the Undressed palette, as this one doesn't have too many dark colours and they're all wearable for both day and night!

It has mostly shimmery shades, and just two matte shades - although the black is quite matte (tiiiiiiny bit of shimmer!)
It's definitely worth buying as MUA palettes are only £4 and are super pigmented! The Undressed palette is a dupe of the Urban Decay's NAKED palette.
So I highly recommend this palette, even if you're a newbie and wanting to try out eye shadows :)


See how pigmented these shadows are?!

So, onto the makeup tutorial!

It's quite a soft smokey eye look, with the golds, browns and a touch of black in the outer 'V' and crease.

(P.S, I don't know why it's filmed in like wide screen setting :S)

The products we used are explained in the video, and you can find them all in Boots/Superdrug! And aren't that expensive either. So you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money to achieve this look :)

Nemo being super cute and miaowing at us when we were setting up for filming haha! :)

After filming the tutorial! Check out the box lighting and tripod behind me haha! We filmed on the upstairs landing bit of our house as it's quite empty there and we had a lot of light coming in.

I got asked to do this with the dress and it took so many takes! 

And I had a really funny one..
Just don't ask okay?!


"Ravi, are you feeling okay?!"

And yes, those are my PJ's and slippers on underneath haha :')
I hope you guys have liked this tutorial, and if you're using this tutorial for prom, have a nice one and take loads of photos!

This was from my Year 13 Prom :')

 I will be posting more reviews on products and possibly another recipe too! (I've established another addiction of mine, sooo yummy!)

Have a nice day :)
~ xoxo

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