Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My March Favourites ❤

Hey everyone :)

I've not been the kind of blogger to write a 'Monthly Favourites' post, but I'm going to start writing these as I can do a mini review on a product while saying why it's my favourite! and I'm only going to select three products that I've really been loving lately :)

1) Elemis 'Loving Lips' Quenching Lip Balm

I received this with this months issue of Cosmopolitan, and I'm much more intrigued by lipbalms and nail polishes rather than other skin care products - which were also offered with this issue. 
I hadn't heard of Elemis before, and I was desperate to try it out, and I'm so glad I did! 
This waxy menthol scented lip balm is light on the lips, but not too light that it felt like water. In just less than a week on using this lip balm, I felt that my lips were super soft and supple! This did a great job of keeping my lips chapped-free during the snowy icy weather, and the scent is really minty and pleasant! :)
I reviewed it here

2) Soap & Glory - Palette with Smokey eye shadows and Smoulder Kohl eyeliner pencils

This palette was a Christmas present from my sister in law - she knows I'm addicted to Soap & Glory products! - and I hadn't properly used it since Christmas day. I decided to use it on Saturday and create a  smokey eye look. 
The eyeliner pencils are amazing, and apply to the skin like butter... I know that's such a weird way of describing it! But let's just say that you don't need to use pressure when applying this liner, as the liner is very soft! I love how they come in a range of different colours - so you can switch it up depending on your mood.

I really like how the black shade is matte, and the other two are quite shimmery - but not too shimmery as in glittery. It looks quite grey/silvery and when you apply this over a warm coloured base, it doesn't look to silvery and harsh (perfect for warm toned skin). 
I applied this shadow over the Purple eyeliner and blended it out - and it looks more brown :)

3) HD Brows Palette

This eyebrow palette is my sisters, and I was able to try it out on my brows -it's amazingly pigmented! - but I decided to experiment. I noticed how the colours are quite neutral, and will suit many skin tones, and I decided to apply this as eye shadow on my eyes.

With this palette, I was able to create this lovely deep brown smokey eye!

And I didn't use a base either, so this is amazing how it turned out! :)
If you want to see a tutorial on how I did this look, click here

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my favourites for March, and that these mini reviews are helpful!
~ xoxo

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