Saturday, 13 April 2013

Library, Nuffnang & New Buys

Hey everyone :)

In my last post I kinda touched on a few things I had been doing earlier this week, but I wanted to make a post of things I've been doing all week, as I've been up to a few different things!
As you know I have a couple of assignments to do, and I managed to get a looooaad done like during the start of this week. Then I had to find a couple of books for my dreaded exam, so I went to uni on Wednesday to do exactly that - I still haven't read those books yet!

So I managed to find a couple of books to do with my exam, and I wrote down notes I needed from some books, and then I've taken some of the bigger books home to read!
I've been reading a lot today about my exam and there's tons of news articles that my lecturer has given me, and they're really interesting.

Here's some makeup I bought from eBay! Eyelash glue and a lovely nude lipstick by Dainty Doll. I will review these as soon as my assignments are over, and my other makeup items have arrived :D

My sister made these yummy heartshaped cupcakes using these silicone cases, they tasted delicious :)

So on Friday, I had arranged a get-together with a couple of bloggers to meet Kelly - from Nuffnang. Can you believe it, Nuffnang?
They contacted me through a blog post I did a while ago about them, and they wanted to meet me so I can start blogging with them :) So happy!

We went to Coffeevolution and had some noms, and just talked about blogging. It was nice to talk to other bloggers - plus I invited people who I had never actually met (only talked to them through twitter/facebook) and it was quite exciting that way. It was really nice to meet them! :D

Picture taken from Kelly's Instagram :)

Arash Mazinani -

Check out their blogs :)

Oh! And I bought this casual Tshirt from Primarni.. £3! I really like it! :)

Anyway I've been reading up on my exam and the articles I've got, and I have to learn about Christine Keeler. I read one of her interviews - and my lecturer has been quoted in it! - So I'm still debating on whether or not I agree with my lecturer's quote about it. It's two completely different sides.. but nonetheless it's still interesting.

Wish my luck for my exam & presentation! OH!! Speaking of wishing luck, I randomly found out today that in Japan, when you want to wish someone luck, you say "Kitsu Katsu".
Does that sound like anything familiar?

Like... Kit-Kat? ;) 
They buy each other Kit-Kat's as a way of saying good luck! And I could do with a Kit-Kat right now :P

I'm finishing off this post with this incredible song sang by Alice Fredenham; who was on tonight's Britatin's Got Talent... so amazing!!

~ xoxo

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