Monday, 8 April 2013

I still love Asian music

Hey everyone :)

Sorry I've not been posting as regularly as I normally do, I've been working really hard and it's become my main priority right now. But you can bet that on the 24th, I can go back to blogging everyday because I will have finished! I'm excited, but then I really don't want second year to finish... boo :(

Anyway, if you've been following me on Twitter, you will know that I've literally got back into listening to Asian music, so that's like JPOP, KPOP and TPOP (Thai.. not Taiwanese!) haha. And as soon as I've reloaded my playlist with all of these songs, I've been getting on with my work and I haven't been able to stop! So I'm feeling so happy right now that I've managed to get loads done, but at the same time, I'm listening to music I used to really like (and I'm liking it again haha).

So here's a few songs that are on my playlist:

KAT-TUN - Real Face:
I absolutely love this song.. I believe it was their debut, and it's honestly one of my favourite songs of theirs! I will always be a hyphen, even if I don't listen to them that much. Their songs are just awesome :) 

2NE1 - I'm the Best:
LOVEEEE this song! 2NE1 are one of my favourite KPOP girl groups I like and I absolutely love this song! I still can't believe Minzy is like 3 years younger than me!

Wonder Girls - So Hot:
My other fave KPOP girl group... in fact, I only like those two. I just love this song :) And they're all so pretty!

3.2.1 - Want More Shawty:
Eeek 3.2.1 are one of my fave TPOP groups, and this song reminds me of summer for some reason. Poppy is so pretty!

G-Dragon & Taeyang - Korean Dream:
Okay well this is the live version of the song, but I really like the recorded version. It's my favourite song on GD's album :)

Waii, Knomjean & Gavin - Rak Sam Thoe (trilogy):
In case you didn't know, I think Waii has such an amazing voice! And this song is one of my all time favourite Thai songs! (Oh, and just to point out, I did translate the title ;) I used to learn Thai and still remember a little bit of it)

Anyway, this is a really short post, but I promise that I will be updating much more frequently AND with better content after my exam/presentation/essay!

Enjoy the music ;)
~ xoxo

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