Friday, 5 April 2013

Garnier Moisture Match - Oily, Dull & Normal REVIEW

Hey everyone :)

I think it was last week, I wrote about how I wanted to try the Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser that's been tailored to suit different skin types, and I wanted to try the one for Oily skin.
Luckily Garnier are supplying free samples and I quickly signed up to get my free sample! Yay :)

It came in a little paper box like this

And included information about the different moisturisers that they've made, so you can see what else Garnier has to offer :)

I was given these moisturisers:
Shine Be Gone - Oily / Combination Skin
Wake Me Up - Dull Skin
Normal Skin (I wasn't sure what other name this had!)

 1) Oily / Combination Skin

This one was the first one that I'd tried as it was the one I mainly wanted! 

The first thing I thought when I opened this sample was that it smelled SO nice and refreshing! It has a lovely cool Aloe Vera scent :) When I applied this moisturiser on, I noticed that it was very light on the skin - which is perfect for my oily skin! It moisturises enough to create a smooth and supple skin, yet not leave a lot of sticky creamy residue that makes the skin feel 'clogged'.

 2) Dull Skin

The scent of this moisturiser, too, was AMAZING! It's really fruity and reminds me of summer. It's a gel formula, and this would be great for people with oily - normal skin types, as it moisturises but it's very light! It's the kind of moisturiser I'd use in the summer :)
It soaks in the skin well, and your face is left looking revitalized, healthy and supple :)

I applied this before going to a party, and I noticed that my skin looked really fresh throughout the night and I had no dry bits peaking through my makeup!

3) Normal Skin

This moituriser I wasn't too happy with, and I'll tell you why.
First of all, it's quite thick to be just for 'normal' skin, as I felt that it was quite heavy and creamy - not the kind of moisturiser an oily skin person will reach for. 
It reminded me of your standard regular moisturisers, so I felt it didn't do much for me :(

I'm sure other people will try out this moisturiser and will really like it!

I really think that I want to purchase the Oily Skin moisturiser and the Dull Skin moisturiser (but this one I'd only use through the summer!)

I hope you've liked this review :) and that you found it helpful!
~ xoxo

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