Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dainty Doll - Storm In A Tea Cup

Hey everyone :)

I've always wanted to try a Dainty Doll product after seeing a few in LOOK in Huddersfield - and they have things like concealers, and eye shadows. But I am in a lipstick phase, and I decided to purchase "Storm In A Tea Cup", and I couldn't resist as it was £3!
I'd been so much more tempted to try these products as they're by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, so I will be trying some more of the makeup range soon!

I think this logo on all of the packaging is so cute! It's a distinctive image and anyone who sees this will immediately know it's Dainty Doll.

I really love the packaging and actual lipstick container - it's quite classy as it has a matte surface, and won't be the kind of surface to get scratched unlike plastic lipstick containers.

It's a shame that these lipsticks don't have the shade name on the bottom, but instead a number. So I had to Google the name of the shade for this blogpost haha!

This shade is quite hard to describe in terms of the colour.
For one, it's not a matte lipstick - as you can see - and the it's not a rich and vibrant lipstick. The lipstick bullet looks like a soft, nude peachy coral, but when applied, it's a sheer light and toned down pink shade.
It applies on really smoothly and gives an appearance of plump dewy lips.

My only criticism about this lipstick is the smell. 
I know this is really weird, but I love lipsticks that have quite a pleasant smell to it. For example, the Soap & Glory lipsticks smell really pleasant, like sort of rosey (to me). But this lipstick just smells really synthetic, and this smell just transfers into my mouth (not literally, but I get REALLY conscious of the smell). And that is one that really puts me off wearing this lipstick.

I suppose I could layer this lipstick with a sweet smelling lipstick/gloss and it shouldn't be that bad.

Anyway, I hope to try out more of the Dainty Doll products soon :) and review them for you guys. I hope you liked this review!

~ xoxo

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