Sunday, 7 April 2013

Arabic Makeup Photoshoot

Hey everyone :)

It seems that lately I've been a model for my sister's - SimplyBeautifulYou - makeup work quite a lot (click here for the last 'modelling' post). I really enjoy it! Being dressed up and having makeup done on me - it's quite relaxing haha :)
For this shoot, we didn't record it, but just took photos of it as she needs extra makeup work in her portfolio!

Do you guys like it?

She created an 'Arabic' themed look, using rusty, brown, cream shades, thick eyeliner and doubled lashes.

Yep, the bottom lashes are in fact meant for the top lid, but they're really fine and we decided to use them as lower lash falsies :)

She also did a load of dramatic contouring too using several bronzers, highlighters and blushers. It's all about layering little by little and building up that chiseled appearance.

Side look... getting my hair done :)

My mum loves styling hair and she's amazing at it! She twisted my own hair into a bun, and then clipped on a false hair piece that was super long and curly, and then wrapped it round to create an even bigger and fluffier bun.

It looks like my own hair, right? :D

That's how the false hair piece looks, it's really thick and curly, and it doesn't actually match the ends of my hair haha!

But here are more photos I took with my natural hair:

She had used a variety of different brands on me:
Urban Decay
FM Cosmetics
Rimmel London
and lots more which I can't remember right now haha.. oops!

My hair looks really short, but I can assure you that it's just curly! 

Anyway, I hope you liked these photos :) and let me know what you think of the makeup!
~ xoxo

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