Thursday, 18 April 2013

A load of randomness to be honest


I'm taking a break from revising and I've just come across a load of random stuff whilst on Twitter and I just had to share it on here! But first of all, here is a mini update of things from this week :)

This is like a tiiiiiiiiny bit of the revision that I've done, I've had to research on loads of scandals and prime ministers.. and it's like never ending :( 
On Wednesday I will be free!

Okay so I've been nursing a sprained ankle, I have absolutely NO idea how I managed to sprain it but one day it was just so painful to walk on. I was limping around university and looking so silly. But thankfully my ankle is a lot better now :)

Woohoo, new items have arrived today! I love Japanese lip balms and these are two more additions to my collection of lipbalms! I will be blogging more about these after my exam :)

From when I was waiting for my train to university. The weather had been really nice at the start of the week, and on this day, the sun was beaming through the station and looked so pretty :)

So onto the randomness I found on Twitter/Tumblr..

The other day, Big Daddy was on tv - you know that movie with Adam Sandler and he adopts that kid:

And in case you didn't know, they're the two who are in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. 
Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
I used to really love that show, and London Tipton was my favourite haha! I stopped watching it when they did The Suite Life on Deck, I just felt that it wasn't the same anymore.

I saw this and couldn't stop laughing. I don't even know why... I don't know if it's because Mr Moseby's face looks really legit on Nicki Minaj's body.

And then I saw this and I was like "eh, they grew up quick?!" and then I found out that my birthday is around the same time as them and then I just felt a bit crap that I've not achieved much in my life compared to them... fml!

But this cheered me up:


I think I've just made you read through a whole load of random crap, and now you know the little things I find on the internet that really amuse me. 

I've been really into watching The Voice US, as Shakira is one of the judges on it and she's soooo pretty <3 I think I'm only watching it because she's on it. I really love her hair like this:

It's so pretty though and really suits her :)

Nonetheless, I will be back to blogging about beauty, tutorials, makeup, life, food, skin care etc next week!
I can't wait for this exam/essay and presentation to be completely over so I can enjoy my summer. I think I've wrote this at the end of many blog posts haha. 

And, something happened to my Instagram.. I'm not sure if I got hacked or something but my password had got changed :S so if anyone got any random likes/comments, it wasn't me! I'm not sure how to see if there are any likes/comments from my profile. So right now, I'm a bit iffy about using Instagram... :(

Hope you're having a great day/night/week! :)
~ xoxo

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