Monday, 29 April 2013

Re-Ombre-ing My Hair: Schwarzkopf x Clairol x PROVOKE

Hey everyone :)

Do you notice anything different?

Yeahh of course, it's my hair! :)

I went from this... to this...

 Yeah I know it isn't really THAT much of a change, although I had dyed the ends of my hair lighter - lighter than they were when I did the Ombre in July. And well... I want to keep the ends looking more blonde rather than a yellow/brass shade.

Watch my video where I explain the products I used and the whole process! :)


You can tell that the ends are quite blonde - I'm so happy with it! :D 

So how did I do it?

Unlike last time when I did it HERE, I used these set of products:

I used: 
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour XXL in 00B :- I HIGHLY recommend this dye if you're wanting to lighten your hair (from a really dark colour - whether it being dark brown to black), as it really works! I've tried the shade 00A, and that honestly makes your hair like a platinum shade without it looking really brassy. Although I felt that after using 00A, my hair felt really brittle. But I found that 00B was just as good, and my hair colour went the shade I wanted!
Clairol Nice 'n Easy in 102:- I chose this shade as it's an ASH blonde, and the key is in the name ASH. If you're dying your hair blonde, or wanting to lighten it  - and you don't want your hair to look yellow/brassy, then look out for a hair dye with the word 'ASH' in it, as it helps to create cool tones in your hair, so it looks less yellow/brassy. Although this shade isn't permanent, I really do like it! I am looking for a more permanent ASH shade though..
PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver - Intensive Treatment Conditioner:- I know there are other products by this brand that help reduce the brassiness of the hair, including shampoo and other conditioners. However, I wanted something that would really treat my freshly dyed hair, because using the 00B shade, I felt that my hair was a little damaged. But I used this conditioner when I washed my hair, and left it in for 10 minutes! My hair felt less dry and brittle, and also it doesn't look yellow/orangey! Yayy! :)

This was my hair before using these dyes:

As you can see, my hair had a few streaks of brown in it from when I dyed it last year - I went over my hair in a light brown colour - but that made the ends of my hair look more brown. And my roots... they're so dark!! Haha!

This was after using the Schwarzkopf XXL LIVE dye..

It looks so fiery and orange in the sunlight!!

But this is how it looks in natural indoor daylight:

To be honest, these last two pictures make my hair look quite nice, however in person, it looked more brassy. And I really didn't want it to look orangey/goldy :(
I'm quite happy with the result of lightening it though, as I mainly applied the dye at the ends of the hair and then blended it upwards so it had that 'ombre effect'.

So the next day, I went through with dying over the 'ombre' with this ASH hair colour:

This is the results of the colour on the box... although everyone knows that it doesn't exactly end up like that hahaa :P

So I had applied this mainly to the ends of my hair, and then upwards onto the ombre, and then on the the crown of my head - so it looks more even :) I left the colour in for 30 minutes and rinsed, and then followed up with using the Clairol conditioner mixed in with the PRO:VOKE conditioner - and I left that in for 10 minutes :)

And this is the final result!

What do you guys think?
~ xoxo

Friday, 26 April 2013

It's OVER & Going Blondeyy

Hey everyone!

I am so happy to say that second year, is FINALLY over. It honestly felt that it was taking too long, but the past 2 weeks have been full of work and the days just flew by! But it's weird to say that I don't actually feel like everything is done though.. and I'm not really relaxed. But I think after a few days (or even weeks), I'll be much more relaxed. I remember during the Easter Break, I was wanting my work to be completed already and I was procrastinating.. but now I have like no motivation to do anything and just going on Facebook is so boring haha.

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be blogging everyday now! :D So I will be posting up tons of makeup reviews, tutorials, acne updates, life updates and continue with all of the blogging :D yayy!!
I'll also be re-doing some old blog posts that I think need sprucing up a bit with more info and better quality photos

I'm in the middle of dying my hair at the moment, I'm wanting the ends to go lighter (sort of like an ombre) but I'm wanting to sort out the majority of my hair and make it really light and ashy.

Before: (as you can see, it has different shades of brown, and looks quite dull too...)

After (it looks much lighter, blond-er and a lot less brownish):

However, I'll be re-dying it tomorrow using an Ashy blonde shade (to help reduce the brassiness) and I'll post an update on how it looks and the products I used!
~ xoxo

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

It's tomorrow!

How quick has this year gone?! 

I can still clearly remember sitting in class at the start of the year and being told about all of the assignments we've got to do this year, and it's so crazy to think my exams and assignments are due tomorrow! Well.. one of the assignments has an extension til next week, but I'm hoping to get it done by Friday!
I am so excited to finish but I'm really sad too, as this year has been really amazing and full of exciting memories :) 

Hopefully after tomorrow, I'll be blogging everyday again like I used to :) And next week I'll be doing more YouTube kinda stuff (I need my moneyz!)

Anyway, I have to get back to revising now, and writing up all of these notes on to a single piece of paper -_-

Oh dear!

Look at my cutie sleeping :D I'm looking forward to spending more time with her when my assignments are over 

Eeek, the next time I blog, I'll be exam/presentation free! 
~ xoxo

Saturday, 20 April 2013

She's an inspiration

Hey everyone :)

You guys must surely know Michelle Phan... right?

And do you remember this video?

Yep, her first YouTube video that was the first step that landed her where she is now. I remember coming across this video when she first uploaded it (yeah, I've dabbled with YouTube a bit since 2007, when I started uploading phone call pranks that I did. Bet you didn't know that, did you? :P)
And I remember thinking "OMG, she makes applying makeup look so easy!"
Because around that time, I was just in the stage of wearing mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss. Aah, those were the days! I kept watching this video (and she uploaded another one about a makeup look to achieve brighter eyes) and I remember always watching her apply makeup and me wanting to have amazingly clear skin!
(6 years down the line, and I have finally got sort of clear skin haha!)

At the end of her videos, she would always include her Xanga blog, and at first, I never really knew much about blogs. But I remember reading hers and thinking, "omg she's an Art student! I want to go to her college! She's amazing at art" and all things like that. I really loved reading her blog as she just seemed really real and genuine, and someone I could relate to. So after reading her blog for a few months, I really wanted to try blogging - but it slipped my mind during my A-Levels and I started blogging properly after I finished sixth form. 
But nonetheless, her blog had really inspired me to blog about beauty, makeup but also about real life things, as her blog was also updated with posts about her life and her artwork, and her college experience.

Amazing artwork! 
Around the time I came across Michelle's blog, I was in my first year of GCSE's - and I was only great at drawing with pencils. However I was totally motivated and inspired to paint and get out of my comfort zone.

This was a post she wrote about making toasties, and I just found it really creative and funny how she made her posts quite entertaining.

She'd always used to have photos like this in the 24 hour lab, and how she'd be like "I've been working here all night on some artwork" and then posting up her work in progress and me being like "wow!". And I always wanted to have that sort of college experience of working all night on some work... I guess I can't really do proper graded art work like she did as I'm studying Journalism.. 

Why is she one of my inspirations to blog?

Because she made blogging look so effortless and easy - which it is - and her posts would always be funny and entertaining and informative. And I really wish that would come across in my own blog posts - however I think I still need to work on that haha. 
I found a website where I can read through some of her old posts, and it really is refreshing to read her posts. Seeing other beauty bloggers - most of them always write about a review, or swatches, or things like that. And I always feel like I don't know about the person who's actually writing the blog.
I think Michelle Phan wrote her blog posts with a lot of personality, and I really think that is key to a good blog.
~ xoxo

Thursday, 18 April 2013

A load of randomness to be honest


I'm taking a break from revising and I've just come across a load of random stuff whilst on Twitter and I just had to share it on here! But first of all, here is a mini update of things from this week :)

This is like a tiiiiiiiiny bit of the revision that I've done, I've had to research on loads of scandals and prime ministers.. and it's like never ending :( 
On Wednesday I will be free!

Okay so I've been nursing a sprained ankle, I have absolutely NO idea how I managed to sprain it but one day it was just so painful to walk on. I was limping around university and looking so silly. But thankfully my ankle is a lot better now :)

Woohoo, new items have arrived today! I love Japanese lip balms and these are two more additions to my collection of lipbalms! I will be blogging more about these after my exam :)

From when I was waiting for my train to university. The weather had been really nice at the start of the week, and on this day, the sun was beaming through the station and looked so pretty :)

So onto the randomness I found on Twitter/Tumblr..

The other day, Big Daddy was on tv - you know that movie with Adam Sandler and he adopts that kid:

And in case you didn't know, they're the two who are in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. 
Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
I used to really love that show, and London Tipton was my favourite haha! I stopped watching it when they did The Suite Life on Deck, I just felt that it wasn't the same anymore.

I saw this and couldn't stop laughing. I don't even know why... I don't know if it's because Mr Moseby's face looks really legit on Nicki Minaj's body.

And then I saw this and I was like "eh, they grew up quick?!" and then I found out that my birthday is around the same time as them and then I just felt a bit crap that I've not achieved much in my life compared to them... fml!

But this cheered me up:


I think I've just made you read through a whole load of random crap, and now you know the little things I find on the internet that really amuse me. 

I've been really into watching The Voice US, as Shakira is one of the judges on it and she's soooo pretty <3 I think I'm only watching it because she's on it. I really love her hair like this:

It's so pretty though and really suits her :)

Nonetheless, I will be back to blogging about beauty, tutorials, makeup, life, food, skin care etc next week!
I can't wait for this exam/essay and presentation to be completely over so I can enjoy my summer. I think I've wrote this at the end of many blog posts haha. 

And, something happened to my Instagram.. I'm not sure if I got hacked or something but my password had got changed :S so if anyone got any random likes/comments, it wasn't me! I'm not sure how to see if there are any likes/comments from my profile. So right now, I'm a bit iffy about using Instagram... :(

Hope you're having a great day/night/week! :)
~ xoxo

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The difference between the left and the right

Hey everyone :)

Have you guys noticed I mainly take photos on my left side? 

For example..

Because I do believe that everyone has a good side and a bad side - I'm not saying the bad side is an 'ugly' side. Just that some people favour a different side of their face when it comes to taking photos.
And then there are some who are just lucky to have a nice face regardless of different angles.

I suppose it's through trial and error that I've found out my good side. Pffft, trail and error, I make it sound like a science experiment. But really, I've only been keen on my baby photos (as both of my angles looked the same) up until I turned around 8? I think. And then I've just considered my left side to be my favourite side.

Why don't I like the right side?

Because I look so damn different. It's weird.

One of my realllyyyy old Instagram pictures! I took this two years ago! I know this is really edited, but I had to, as my skin was literally at it's worst at this time!

One of my oldies, but favourites :) I think I took this whilst I was in Year 11 or Year 12.. so at least 5 years ago! Surprisingly enough, I like this photo despite it being my bad side. I'd like to redo it again now..

But I know you might be thinking, "If you don't like that side so much, then what is with your blog header?"

And well... I don't know. I think the camera I used had flattered my features, so I really liked the outcome of the photo. Thinking back on it now though, I don't understand how I managed to take a decent picture of that side haha!

Okay, vain blog post over.

Do you have a good and bad side? Or are you just a "fuck it" kinda person and don't care, or are you blessed with amazing good looks? (If you're the last one, then I'm super jelly. Royal jelly)

~ xoxo

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dainty Doll - Storm In A Tea Cup

Hey everyone :)

I've always wanted to try a Dainty Doll product after seeing a few in LOOK in Huddersfield - and they have things like concealers, and eye shadows. But I am in a lipstick phase, and I decided to purchase "Storm In A Tea Cup", and I couldn't resist as it was £3!
I'd been so much more tempted to try these products as they're by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, so I will be trying some more of the makeup range soon!

I think this logo on all of the packaging is so cute! It's a distinctive image and anyone who sees this will immediately know it's Dainty Doll.

I really love the packaging and actual lipstick container - it's quite classy as it has a matte surface, and won't be the kind of surface to get scratched unlike plastic lipstick containers.

It's a shame that these lipsticks don't have the shade name on the bottom, but instead a number. So I had to Google the name of the shade for this blogpost haha!

This shade is quite hard to describe in terms of the colour.
For one, it's not a matte lipstick - as you can see - and the it's not a rich and vibrant lipstick. The lipstick bullet looks like a soft, nude peachy coral, but when applied, it's a sheer light and toned down pink shade.
It applies on really smoothly and gives an appearance of plump dewy lips.

My only criticism about this lipstick is the smell. 
I know this is really weird, but I love lipsticks that have quite a pleasant smell to it. For example, the Soap & Glory lipsticks smell really pleasant, like sort of rosey (to me). But this lipstick just smells really synthetic, and this smell just transfers into my mouth (not literally, but I get REALLY conscious of the smell). And that is one that really puts me off wearing this lipstick.

I suppose I could layer this lipstick with a sweet smelling lipstick/gloss and it shouldn't be that bad.

Anyway, I hope to try out more of the Dainty Doll products soon :) and review them for you guys. I hope you liked this review!

~ xoxo
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