Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sleek Corrector and Concealer Palette REVIEW

Hey everyone :)

Last month (or the month before) I bought my first ever Sleek product - yep, I have only just come round to reviewing it now! I have other products that I have reviewed before, but those belonged to my sister. This is their Corrector & Concealer palette, which retails at around £7.99 in Superdrugs. I was hesitant to buy this, as I had seen the concealer palette by MUA and I was tempted to try that.
However, I know that Sleek products are really great for tanned / olive and darker skin tones - with the correct undertones to create a natural finish!

I bought Palette 03, as the shades in that palette looked most like my skin tone :)

From left to right: Corrector, Concealer, Setting Powder.

These are the swatches with flash

With indoor lighting..

I found that once I've applied the corrector, my face looks really pale and flat, but I use the concealer on top of it to help add some colour back into my face haha! 
The powder is amazing! I've found that it matches my skin tone almost perfectly, and it makes the rest of the concealer match my skin :)

The consistency of this concealer is very thick and creamy, and blends in really well! However, this concealer is a pain to set, and I've tried many ways to set it - with a brush, patting it on with my fingers, patting it on with a sponge. Everything! 
It's hard to set around the under eyes... which happen to be the main area I need coverage most.

Also, if you have DRY SKIN, don't use this. As this product will do nothing but accentuate your dry skin :(

Before.. As you can see, I need coverage to conceal my acne scarring.

How well does it cover?

As you can see, it has covered my under eyes quite well but it still looks oily/greasy and needs more powder. This is what I mean, it's quite difficult to set :(

 It has covered up my acne scarring quite well, although it is still a bit visible..
But I can manage with this amount of coverage :)

With flash :)

You can see that it does look a bit light with the flash, but I am sure that it's because of the SPF within the product that is responsible for that!

I hope you have liked this review :) thank you for reading!
~ xoxo

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