Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Second Skin & Primer - FM Cosmetics

Hey everyone :)

I was kindly given FM Cosmetics products to test out which included their Silicone base primer and their Second Skin Foundation.I heard about this company through my sister - who swears by these two products! 
She always talks about how it's amazingly light on the skin, provides the coverage over her acne scars whilst looking fresh for many hours.

This silicone based primer helps the makeup to glide on so well, and filling up any skin imperfections and creating a lovely flawless skin finish.

The great thing about their primer (and all of the Skin FM Cosmetics) is that it works well for those with sensitive skin types. Jane, the lady who introduced my sister to FM Cosmetics, suffers with a skin type that has reactions to many different products, and has eczema too. And she swears by FM Cosmetics too, as they are suited so well to her skin and don't give her any reactions!

So this is how my skin looks before makeup... as you can see, my acne scarring has cleared up a lot! Compared to how it was several months ago. 

 The silicone base primer looks like this, and it's VERY smooth once applied. I dotted and massaged it onto my areas that needed coverage. So this was like my cheeks, nose, chin, and also my under eyes too - as my under eyes tend to crease when I apply any sort of makeup there! :(

Moving on to the Second Skin foundation.. The amazing this about this foundation is that it suits MANY skintones. I'm not saying that they carry a variety of shades. But the fact that the ONE shade that I tried, matches those with fair skin tones (think Jennifer Aniston skin tone, all the way down to Aishwarya Rai). And thats A LOT of skin tones!

This foundation oxidizes to match your own skin tone, therefore living up to it's name "Second Skin".
I decided to try out this foundation and the primer, and show you guys the final results :)

This shade I used is called 'Natural Cream' which is the one that suits the huge range of different skin tones!

An entire pump and a half was enough to provide provide me the coverage I wanted, and made my skin look flawless.. I had a bump on the side of my cheek that just didn't want to be hidden :( but the rest of my face got covered.

Yep, I know I need to redo my eyebrows! I will do it sometime this week! :)

These are taken with flash..

So what do I think of this foundation?

When I first applied it, I felt that it was quite 'wet' and that it needed to be set, but a small dusting of powder doesn't hurt so that was fine :) I thought that at first, my face looked orange (I don't know why) but it didn't look like it was my own colour. But after it oxidized, it matched my natural skintone - as you can see in the pictures :)
This foundation lasted several hours without smudging, or melting, and I'd had it on from around 1pm til 8pm, so that was pretty good! It also provided the flawless coverage I longed for, and it made me looked radiant! :D

I'd like to try this foundation out again but for a longer amount of time and during a day when I am out and about :)

Next up, I will be reviewing their Light Concealer and comparing it to the MAC Prep and Prime (I am wearing it in these pictures by the way!)
~ xoxo


  1. hi could you please inform me where can i find this FM silicone face primer in delhi or if you can please send me the link from where i can order it online.

    1. Hey, you cannot buy it online - you're able to purchase through a seller... the only seller I know is in England though x

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  3. Thank you for review because I'm thinking about becoming representative of FM Group but first I need to know that people like the products. Thanks. FMcosmeticsreviews.com


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