Sunday, 31 March 2013

Relative's Engagement FOTD

Hey everyone :)

Last night I went to a relative's Engagement party and well, it was great as I hadn't been to an Engagement party since this time last year! So it was awesome to get dressed up and enjoy some good food and music :)

But before I talk about the party, here are the photos of my makeup and outfit! 

I just love the lighting in this pic haha! 

Products I used:
Garnier Moisture Match - For dull skin (review coming soon!)
Soap & Glory - Super Eyes Gel
Clarins Everlasting Foundation
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
The Body Shop - All In One Base
HD Brows Kit
Soap & Glory - Purple Eyeliner Pencil 
Soap & Glory Eyeshadows (the Christmas palette)
Soap & Glory - Black Pencil Liner
Soap & Glory Felt-tip Liner
W7 Double Up Mascara
Victoria Jackson Bronzer
MUA Undressed Palette - to contour
Calvin Klein - Betrayal lipstick

I love how my eyes looked, I was just improvising on my eyes and hoping it would turn out nice haha! 

The sister and I :)

Hehe Nemo looking sooo cute! :)

Look at the sun! It looked soooo beaut and all of the buildings had that pretty golden look :)

Me, Mummy and the sister :)

So the tables had the regular layout - generally the family does this themselves and purchase the napkins, the crisps, peanuts and drinks etc!
And then they hire a DJ and caterer too... which is great so that people are able to relax and enjoy themselves :)

So this was the starters (they had more but I prefer the spring rolls, kebab, fish and potato thing... We call it an Aloo Tikki or Tikka :) (Spicy potato) haha

Me and Mummy :) 
I just look so pale here... I would say it's my foundation, but my neck/chest also looks pale!

This was the dinner, we had chicken curry, Saag Paneer (like a milk/cheese with spinach), and then a potato curry. I don't usually like the potato curry though, so I just ate the Saag Paneer (it's my absolute favourite!) But this one didn't taste as nice as the one that my mum makes :(

I hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday and enjoying the 4 day weekend!
~ xoxo


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