Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Day to Night Look

Hey everyone :)

In the last post, I talked you through achieving this look:

And this is my kind of Everyday look (when I can be bothered to do all of the eyeliner and mascara :P) and it's my way of brightening up my eyes and making them look more alert and wider :)

How would I transform this daytime look into a night time look?

First of all, I don't need to use any more products, other than the HD Brows kit that I used to do my Daytime look :)

The colours on this are really pigmented, and they're multi-functional too! I can use them for my eyeshadow as well as my eyebrows :)

On to the makeup..

Using this light cream colour, I applied this as a base on to my eyelid :) I also patted it on more liberally onto my brow bone

Then, using the bottom left colour - its a soft grey shade - and I pat this onto the crease and blend it in. I want this to look really soft and subtle

Really soft and smokey like this..

I then took the top right shade - which is a rich black shade - and this is REALLY pigmented! I applied that more into the crease and created a sharp wing. I then softened the wing out a little, and blended it into a 'V' shape.

This is the final look! :)

If I were to make this look more 'complete', I would add a shimmery champagne colour to the inner third of my eyelids, and then used a set of demi false lashes! 

I used the black shade to line my eyes and then smudged it for a smouldering smokey eye.

I hope you guys liked this look, that can be easily achieved with an eyebrow palette haha! Talk about saving space in your makeup bag :)
~ xoxo

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  1. Gorgeous look! The eyeshadows are super pigmented and I love the shades.


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