Friday, 8 March 2013

Me Me Me : Fat Cat Mascara

Hey everyone :)

Today I'll be reviewing Me Me Me Fat Cat mascara - which my sister kindly let me use :) (haha I'm just joking, I always take her products!) And I decided to try it out as I've never tried any of the Me Me Me cosmetics before.

This is what Me Me Me claims the product achieves:
Create lashes full of volume and alluring depth with our best-selling FatCat formula, with whiskered brush giving purrrfect eye catching results every time.

It has quite a thick bristled wand that would coat all of the lashes, and create that volumized effect!

I found that this mascara was a little slow at lengthening the lashes, and despite it volumizing my lashes, it didn't do a great job compared to other volumizing mascaras I've had in the past - like the Thick & Fast mascara by Soap & Glory. I love how it made my lashes looked curled, and it the curled appearance managed to stay put for several hours.

Using my sisters box lighting! I love it! It gives a lovely air brushed sort of appearance and makes me look edited haha. Trust me, I have no time to edit any of my photos or anything, so the photos I post on here now are 100% original :)

I hope you liked this review! :)
~ xoxo

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