Monday, 4 March 2013

L'Oreal Infallible Concealer

Hey everyone :)

In my previous post I said that I will be posting up reviews of the makeup I had bought last month, and the first review is the 'L'Oreal Infallible Concealer'.

The concealer stick is quite small, however I feel that you don't need to use as much as it does spread and has a medium to heavy coverage.

I bought this from LOOK in Huddersfield for £2.50 (what a bargain!) and I've not stopped using it since!

Most of my concealers I already have, are a liquid or (very) creamy form, and this is the first proper stick concealer I've got that is for the under eyes. I have a Witch Hazel stick concealer like this, but I don't apply that under the eyes :P

So this concealer stick is like a lipstick, you swivel the base to get more of the concealer stick to use, and then you apply it straight on to the area you need coverage.

So for me, this is most of my face! My under eye circles, my acne scarring, around the sides of my nose, mouth, a bit on my chin and a little bit on my forehead.

So as you can see before, my under eyes are quite dark and do need that coverage to make me look less tired.
Yep, I have a bit of mascara on just because I felt that my eyes looked bare when taking these photos haha

Notice how my under eyes look less dark, but also quite smooth?

I love how this concealer doesn't require much powder afterwards unlike liquid concealers, which seem to fall in the little fine lines.
This concealer is patted to blend in with the skin, and looks very natural.

This is how it looks when applied to all of my problem areas - I suppose I could've used a bit less as it DOES spread around the face. 

I personally wouldn't use this all over my face as it does make you look quite pale (unless you're wanting that sort of look - don't do it!)

But the coverage on it is amazing! And I am so glad I picked it up for £2.50 as it's an absolute bargain!
~ xoxo

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