Monday, 25 March 2013


Hey everyone :)

I've been meaning to write up this post for a while as my collection of lipsticks is getting bigger and bigger, and I have quite a variety of shades from pinks to beiges to  reds etc.
I'm going to separate these lipsticks by brand and then show you the shades and swatches!

Rohto Lipbalm - Mogitate (Strawberry) - None shiny, smells DELICIOUS! This keeps the lips looking healthy and supple
Aloe Lips - This formula is quite thin, and it's a little gritty at times. It smells lovely though :)
Nivea - BEST lip balm during the winter season (as well as Carmex. D'oh! I forgot to add the Carmex lipbalm here)

Natural Collection:
Pink Orchid - Moisture Shine
Autumn Sunset - Sheer Natural 

404 - A gorgeous hot pink
433 - Shimmery peachy shade
431 - A shimmery Barbie Pink

Shade 3 - Peachy Pink shade
Shade 7 - Another gorgeous hot pink shade!

The Body Shop:
06 - A sort of burgundy shade 
07 - Soft pink :)
Red - Sheer lipbalm with a fruity scent

Each of these lipsticks/balm are very sheer on the lips, so if you want a visible colour then you will need to apply this liberally!

The rest:
Collection 2000 - Ruby Red
Soap & Glory - Red My Lips
Calvin Klein - Betrayl
No7 - Delight - This is the old lipstick, they've changed the packaging and it's silver :)
L'Oreal - 205 - Sexy Plum

I have a few more lipsticks that have either fallen by the side of my bed, my sister's currently using or just gone missing :( I have a few more that I've not been able to find for quite a while. But hopefully they will show up some time!
~ xoxo

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