Sunday, 17 March 2013

Indian ~ FOTD & OOTD :)

Hey everyone :)

Yesterday I had an event to go to and I originally wanted to film a 'Get Ready With Me' sort of video demonstrating how I did my makeup, I didn't have long to get ready and so, here are photos of my makeup and what I wore :D

I kept my makeup really simple, just simple foundation - Maybelline Fit Me -, concealer - MAC-, eyeliner -ELF-, mascara -Maybelline Great Lash- and a lovely pink lipbalm stain by REVLON :)

I wanted my makeup to look fresh and clean, and not so over the top :)
I'm so happy though, I haven't had to edit any of my photos in AGES, it's been around 8 months since I've edited my skin in any of my photos... and I'm so happy my skin looks so much better now!

My hair wasn't so great though. I'd just washed it and I wanted it to look wavy and a little curly, however it was like that at first, and then the curls dropped out like an hour later. But it didn't go completely straight, so I was fine about that :)

My outfit:
A lovely spring green, flowing dress (that reaches just above my ankles) with crystal and gold embroidery along the center of the top. This was a dress my mum bought me from Mumbai a few years ago, she had to alter it to fit around my body more (and it was quite loose when she first bought it), and now it's even more loose on me now haha.

I looked really tall in this outfit, and loads of people said I looked like I've lost a lot of weight - when really I am the same weight as I was before haha! But I think it's because I'm toning up now, and eating more healthily too. I guess that is making a difference :)
I've noticed that around my hips, chest, and my legs it's so much more loose!

A close up of the dress embroidery and crystals :)
~ xoxo

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