Saturday, 30 March 2013

FM Cosmetics vs MAC

Hey everyone :)

Today I have a review of these two products - this was my first time trying both of the products out!

FM Cosmetics - Light Concealer
MAC Prep and Prime 

These two are mostly used for contouring, as they're super light on the skin and are great for highlighting areas of the face!
Let's take a look at the swatches :)

Left: FM Cosmetics
Right: MAC Prep & Prime

The Light Concealer by FM Cosmetics has a salmon-ish undertone as opposed to the strikingly pale yellow colour of MAC'sn Prep & Prime. I found that P&P took a while to blend out, and even when it did blend out, it gave off the 'highlighted' appearance but looked a little too evident with my skin tone. The FM Cosmetics concealer blended in nicely, although I found that it was quite thin and didn't conceal/highlight as well as I'd have liked it to.

Before applying these two, I also applied the FM Cosmetics Silicone Base - and I got told by my sister that I hadn't applied enough of it. So my under eyes still remained quite dry looking - I will try this out again and blog about it again! :)

FM Cosmetics:


I had applied both of these in a triangle shade under my eyes which led up my cheek bones - as that is the place I wanted to high light!

As you can see, the FM Cosmetics concealer did the job of high lighting, but the formula isn't as thick as MAC's P&P. This helps to give a more natural and subtle finish (oh, and that goes along with the apricot coloured base) - as you can apply a loose powder on top to make it look less light (if you wish!) If you want a much evident high light - say, if you're going to have a lot of photos taken, then use the MAC P&P :)

I will properly review this again after using it multiple times :)
~ xoxo

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