Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dealing with Copycats & Haters

Hey everyone :)

This is going to be a slightly wordy post - I wrote about this a while ago, and didn't think that blog explained fully how to deal with these kinds of people, so this post is going to be an updated version :)

So, you have a copycat or hater... what do you do? And to what extent are they copying or hating on you? What do you do?

Dealing with a copycat:
Oh  boy, have I dealt with a copycat for several months during last summer.. and I think it's sort of died down now, but that was some annoying crap. And if you've been following my blog since around June, you will have seen a few blog posts about the copycat.

But anyway, what are copycats? These people are obviously out to copy you - whether it's your clothes, your hair, your blog (if you have one), things you're interested in etc. And it can be the most annoying thing in the world to be honest. You will just feel like saying, "stop copying me, and make something of your own life". Because it's true, these people who copy others are just wasting their lives trying to be someone they're not - regardless if they like them or not.

When I had my copycat, I told a few people and they just laughed about it because they thought it was silly. And one of my cousins had said, "Just take it as a compliment - as they say, imitation is the biggest form of flattery". 

So remember that! 

What do you do?
Well what can you do? If someone is copying you and it's bothering you, then tell them to stop! If they don't stop, and don't reply to you then I guess you have to keep doing what you're doing.
I guess it comes to a point when they will realise that they're wasting their life trying to be like you - or someone they're not. But until then, just be happy that people want to be like you :)

Dealing with a hater:
Everyone knows this, haters would love to see you crash, burn and fail. They want to see you unhappy all of the time and know that their life is a lot better than yours.
What are haters anyway? These kind of people are generally jealous of who you are, what you do, how you look etc. If you have that new hairstyle that they want, or a new piece of jewelry they want - they're bound to get jealous. Even if you're with their ex boyfriend and that person can't get him back because he's clearly moved on, they will start hating. 

What do you do?
You do the opposite of what they want. Whether it's new makeup, getting excited for a new holiday or just gaining some sort of success in your life (jobs / school grades). 
You need a badass checklist that will SURELY make you more motivated to being that 'better' and improved you, yet getting them pissed off at the same time. 
Make the most of your life and have fun!

One thing you must do is appreciate. Not literally appreciate them, but be happy that they're wasting their lives wanting to see you fail, and that they are probably one of your biggest motivation tools - because they're just pushing you to prove them wrong - and to just be a better you!

Sooner or later they will realise how they're acting, and hopefully will stop :)
~ xoxo

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