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30 Things I've Learned from University - 2013

Exactly: 20 none educational things I've learned during my first year of University

As my second year of studying Journalism at Huddersfield University is coming to an end, I decided to re-edit a list of things I've learned (I did one last year around this time). And it's things that I wish I knew some of these before I had started... and some added tips/advice I've learned throughout this year! 

My original post had 20 things, and I'm going to add a lot more :)

1) Avoid the 07:55 and 08:08 train from Leeds to Manchester Picadilly/Manchester Airport. You're not going to get a seat, but if you really want to, make sure you're quick on your feet! It does feel rude to push past in front of people, but it does help to make a mental note of where the train stops.

2) Make sure people get to know you for who you really are, or they could end up getting hurt and so will you. And eventually you're going to feel as if you're living a lie half of the time... and that will seriously fuck you up.

3) If you're a girl, make sure you have a guy friend with you to keep you company, especially at night. Preferably someone who either works out, or is a bit "chunky". And make sure this guy is someone trustworthy too. You know, girls gotta need some protection from wandering hobos/drunks.

4) You're going to find someone who is a lot like you. Believe it or not, you will. Even if you think that you have the most unique of interests, there is someone you will meet who will have incredibly similar interests to you. And then that person could end up being really close to you. Watch out! :)

5) No one really cares what you look like. Universities are really big, and everyone is there for the same purpose, to learn,not to judge what you look like. Unlike those high school days. And those that do care, are just caring for the wrong reasons. Mind them.

6) There are people of all ages and backgrounds that are studying there. And these people have their own ways and opinions of others; whether they're deep down racist, or liberal, or snobby as hell, or just not what you expectedJust don't get caught up in anything. Let people do/say/think what they want, after all, you're there to learn. If it really bugs you, do something about it, otherwise just keep your head down.

7) Don't leave work to the day before the deadline. Chances are, it's going to turn out shit and you wish you spent more time on it to get a better grade. But first year doesn't count, it's only when you get into second year and you're just like "SHIT!" hahah

8) Always carry an iPod USB wire and a phone charger with you in your bag at all times. You're going to NEED it. There are days where you're going to be in for long hours, and you will need your phone to message people or... even.. play games to kill time :P

9) Don't expect anything when you think about the day you're going to have at University. You know when you wake up in the morning, and you start thinking about your classes, and the things you're going to do in the day, and the people you're going to meet. Yeah... don't think about none of that. You're bound to do something different to what you did the day before, and it will be really unexpected. Expect the unexpected?

10) You're going to meet loads of people, get their Facebooks/ numbers. You'll need it in the future.

11) Know what you want to do in life. There are people who are doing a degree for the sake of doing a degree (landing a good job really), yet it's not what they want to do, and they're having to cut the course and apply for another one or something. Unless the degree is in some way related to what you want to do as a career... then maybe you should re-evaluate what degree you're doing - before you apple. It's a couple years of your life where you are going to be working really hard, and there may be other people who wish they got on to the degree that you wish you wasn't studying.

12) Half of the time, Maryland cookies are £1 at Sainsbury's.... 69p cheaper than they are in the Huddersfield SU shop. Wait. Everything is cheaper at Sainsburys.

13) (For the girls) Carry makeup in your bag, (if you wear it). You're going to need it to touch up your face during the day. this isn't necessary though..

14) It won't hurt you to say "Oh, do you know where _____ building is?" or something like that. In fact, it will most likely be an icebreaker and lessen the tension. You know. Like when you meet someone for the first time and it's awkward, and you say something like Oh this weather is pretty crap, isn't it? Same thing. Which brings me to my next point...

15) The only thing that I'm going to mention which is related to my degree, is about going up to people you don't know, to interview them. Trust me, it's pretty scary going up to a random person and say "What makes you happy?" but it's not as bad as it seems. The first time I interviewed someone, I was so robotic... literally I just asked the question and that was it. Yet now, I just approach the person, introduce myself and ask if they mind being asked a couple of questions and then proceed. Really, it's as simple as that.

Keep in mind: Chances are, they could be just about as nervous as you are, so don't be shy. 

And this goes for approaching people for the first time, just go up to them and start talking to them. It'll help your confidence.

16) The best trick to get a friend's number: Get your phone, go to Add New Contact. Pass them your phone. It's quick, simple and it avoids the whole "Ehh, how do you spell your name?" "Is this number right?".
Except, once I did this to one of my friends and who jokingly said "Is your phone broken? You want me to fix it?" This

17) Don't eat at the dodgy fast food restaurants (except McDonalds and KFC). Chances are, you'll get food poisoning.

18) The cash machine outside the library is the only one on campus that disposes £5 notes.

19) Download games on your phone / iPod Touch... for those boring lectures... Er, I mean.... all of the free time you have... yeah. E.g Angry birds, Temple Run, Draw Something. You will need it to help pass time.

20) People will end up judging you whatever you do, so don't stop what you're doing.

21) It helps to buy Sainsbury's basics for food. It's just as good as normal branded foods except it's cheaper so you can save up for other things you'd like!

22) You can leave from Snow Island at 9:05 and get to your class just before 9:15. Giving you extra time to chill, get ready, eat.. or even sleep in a bit more :P

23) Having a blog can really help with your career, not many people know this and don't see the point in blogging. But when it comes to jobs, if you mention that you've had a blog running for several years (even if it's just throughout University) they can see your dedication of sticking with blogging.
Also, depending on what you blog about, it can open up a whole new set of doors for you :) 

24) When it comes to assignments, DO check out the Unilearn (or Blackboard... for some Uni's) as lecturers do add everything you need to know on there. Well some lecturers are a bit weird when it comes to putting up lecture notes - but you can find super useful reading material on there!

25) People don't really care what you look like. Going around fresh faced with my acne scars on show, doesn't really change anything about how people see me or what they think of me (well, at least I don't think it does!) and I only feel that I need to wear makeup when it comes to an important date.

26) Carry moisturiser with you during the winter, because when you're on the go, you're going to find that your hands are really dry and just look dreadful because of the cold weather!

27) It doesn't hurt to ask. This year I was faced with different tasks, like asking people for a photoshoot to help me with my work, or even asking other bloggers for help with projects. And while I was nervous at first, it all panned out alright and I managed to gain a lot of friends through it :) 

28) Your lecturers aren't actually bad, scary and intimidating people. I always had this thought that I couldn't approach them because they'd laugh at me or something. But this year it's been alright and thankfully my lecturers this year are really approachable and are willing to help with problems I've got.

29) Your assignments are do-able. No, I don't mean do-able as... you know. Haha! I mean that your assignments aren't big and scary and impossible. Once you think them through and prepare everything you need, it's all good! And you just need to keep on working to get them done!

30) Don't do an entire assignment in a whole day without checking it the next day, because it's likely that you have messed something up, or you've got the order of it wrong. It helps to check over your work another day - when you have fresh eyes :)

Eeek! So these are my 30 Things I've Learned from University for this year :D and I hope you enjoyed reading this :)

(My list of things to do within these holidays for my assignments.. so much to dooo!)

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~ xoxo


  1. This was a really good read. I'm a second year so it's all still relevant to me :)


  2. Awh thanks for this! I'm in year 13 at the moment... so I'm just about to enter the whole uni thing soon! :D
    Should be fun~ :') ahaa~ although I've applied for Philosophy. A philosophy degree doesn't really lead to a job, but I like philosophy and it'll get me a degree... So I guess I'm partially one of those who are just doing it for a degree! :/

    Also, your handwriting is really nice!


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