Saturday, 2 February 2013

FOTD: Jack Daniels

Hey everyone :)

I decided to do a FOTD, OOTD and also a review in one post! :)

Starting off with the FOTD.
I had used a tinted moisturiser from Nivea

I bought this tinted moisturiser after one of my friends on my course had recommended it on her blog! Her skin is very fair so I was afraid that it wouldn't match mine. But luckily enough, I've managed to make it work with my skin tone :)

It looks a little bit light, but once blended and a powder has been applied over it, it looks lovely :)

It's really easy to blend, and it's by Nivea so it's quite moisturising!


You can see that my acne scars are fading quickly! Yay :) And so, this tinted moisturiser is great for those days where I want a bit of coverage without it looking like I have loads of makeup on :)

After application.

You can see that it has evened out my skin, although it hasn't provided proper full coverage on my scarring. But it looks really light and natural :)

Then I applied my Maybelline 'Fit Me' concealer to my under eye circles as the tinted moisturiser didn't do a good job to covering them.

After applying:
The Body Shop - All In One Base
Soap & Glory felt-tip liner
Victoria Jackson blusher
Soap & Glory - RED MY LIPS lipstick

now, onto my OOTD...

Check out my sweater :)

"Oh noo, you shouldn't be promoting an alcoholic beverage".

I'm not trying to haha, and I don't drink either (I've not had an alcoholic beverage since May 2012 - when I shared one with my sister on holiday in Egypt. Nothing since :D

 I really like this top and I've always wanted a Jack Daniels top as I've always seen the thin vest versions but wanted a sweater version instead.
So I was excited to see that CATWALK has stocked this tops in different colours (the other colours weren't really that nice... well you could get black, but I saw grey first and I really preferred it!)

I think I might cut around the collar for more of an off the shoulder look :)

I'm honestly more of a sweater/jumper kinda girl, rather than blouses.. well.. I do want to change that. But who can wear a proper blouse when it's like -5 degrees outside! 
I really like the comforting feeling of sweaters, and I guess it's because I get cold easily and prefer to be warm and cosy :)

Hope you're all well :) and having a great week!

~ xoxo

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