Sunday, 6 January 2013

WHY? #1

Hey everyone :)

I received this question on my and well, I thought it'd be useful for other bloggers too as this question is something that has been asked quite a lot. So yep, here is my answer :D

Why did you start blogging? And when you did, did you think you would as popular as you are? What do you think makes people click on your blog?

Well I started this blog at the end of 2011 despite having a previous blog. I always had like little crappy blogs but I never took it as serious as I do with this blog!

I really liked the idea of sharing my opinions and things I've learned - and also things I enjoy - with other people in the world. I really wanted to do YouTube stuff, but I'm quite shy speaking to a camera and I just enjoy writing a lot.

It was only til June last year when I started covering more beauty and makeup sort of questions, as I always felt like I wasn't experienced enough to discuss topics like makeup.
However I decided to give it a try and blogged about beauty products I had and reviewed them - I HAVE loads of products haha!

I don't consider my blog to be popular compared to others who are more established bloggers. However I have had a lot of people message me and come up to me at University and say they're always reading it. 
I didn't think I'd get as many views as I do now though, as it's quite a shock when I look at my views for the entire day haha. They just keep growing and growing. 
Right now, I'm still an amateur blogger and my blog keeps improving little by little.

I suppose what makes people view this blog is that I cover quite a lot of different topics. Recently it's been more makeup and beauty based, but I do love posting photography and my opinions on things that happen in the world, and also my daily life. 
Personally I like blogs that have a personal touch, and discuss a lot of different things including their thoughts, rather than just basic makeup swatches.

I think daily posts - or really frequent posts - are a must, as people will know that you're dedicated to blogging and updating. 
Whenever I read blogs, I get a little put off seeing that they haven't blogged in 3 or 4 weeks or even months, as I would end up forgetting who they are.

If you want to have the constant flow of views, then updating posts frequently is a must!

I hope this answers the question well, and I didn't think I'd have such a long answer haha.

~ xoxo

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