Thursday, 31 January 2013

Playing with Tungsten; UPDATE

Hey everyone :)

The other day I got a bit bored and started playing with the White Balance on my camera, and well.. yeah.. here are a few shots I took!

I hadn't really tried anything other than AWB on my camera, so I used Tungsten, Cloudy and other ones included on there. There are some that give a blueish hue, and then some that make the photos look warm and reddish..

Oh! and I dyed my hair again the other week too with the Brownish shade I purchased a while ago and blogged about it! 
I added a little bit of powder bleach to it as I wanted my hair to look a little bit lighter - although it didn't make so much of a difference haha!

So many photos!

Arghh, okay so I have just sooo much work to do with my degree and I'm literally bombarded with essays and assignments and it's like ugh!
And well, I have literally just under 2 months to get everything completed as that is when I have most of my deadlines!

I've got a countdown thing on my phone where I have a ton of dates to remember... It's quite comforting to know that I am getting closer to the deadlines, and that it'll all be over soon :P

(btw, I'm writing this all up on Saturday 26th Jan - so that explains why my dates are a bit off to the day I actually post this post!)

~ xoxo

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