Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Is FAT more beautiful than SKINNY?

Hey everyone :)

This is a different post compared to the regular reviews and makeup sort of posts that I usually do.. But I did more of these posts around this time last year.

So this topic is something I've been wanting to blog about for several months now, but it's a continuous debate - so I want to give my opinion :)

Well, is FAT more beautiful than SKINNY? 

First of all, people come in different shapes and sizes and they look beautiful regardless :)

And all of these ladies are beautiful regardless of their weight!

I think that if someone feels comfortable with the weight they are - then that is fine.

Whether they are comfortable being 50kg or 150kg, it shouldn't be a problem to someone else.

Although I do believe that is someone is beginning to get overweight or underweight - to an extent that it can have some risk to their life - then someone should intervene and say that the person must do something about it.
You should look after yourself and eat good food that can help your wellbeing.

Now I'm not saying that I am an expert when it comes to weight or eating healthy - you can tell by the food photos I post on here haha! 
But I do like to have my fair share of vegetable soups and salads, and just balancing the good food and junk food haha. 


What really does annoy me is that when people attack others about their weight.. and in this case, they usually attack people of the opposite weight.

So a skinny person might attack someone who is fat and call them really obese - when in fact the person may just be a little bit overweight.
Or a fatter person will attack a skinny person and say they look like a child.

Recently I read something that really annoyed me, it was what someone had wrote.
This person had basically said that being around a UK size 8 looks 'underdeveloped' and it's how pre-teens look. And this person is probably a UK size 16 perhaps.

Personally I think that if people are to make comments like this, they are simply feeling the need to put others down in order to feel better about themselves, like a lack of self-confidence - because if someone was confident in their own skin, they wouldn't feel the need to put someone else down because of their appearance.

I don't think a Size 8 makes anyone look 'under developed', as a lot of celebrities we see on tv are around that size..

Eva Longoria... I don't think she looks under developed at all! (She's soooo pretttyyy!)

So yeah, I just wanted to put my opinion across :)

I think everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, and if they want to lose or gain weight then they should feel free to do so - without saying something about others to make themselves feel better. Neither is more beautiful that the other :)

What do you think?

~ xoxo

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