Friday, 25 January 2013

Hey there..

Hey everyone :)

So it's been a week since I last posted, as I wanted to take time off blogging to gain more inspiration and focus on my University work.
I've been given like 1000000 deadlines, and I honestly feel like I'm bombarded with too many :( I'm in the process of making a schedule plan for getting coursework done, and if I stick to by it, I'll be able to get my work done and have a lot of time to spare towards the end of the year :)

So what's happened recently?

A lot of things! I had a presentation today for Magazine Design, and well, I'm pretty crap at giving presentations haha. I just like producing pieces of work and getting it over and done with!


I've joined a gym too :) as I'm slowly getting into a healthy eating and fitness routine. I really want a toned body and to lose a few kg's! I will blog more about my health and fitness, and my diet plans too to share with you guys! I'm determined to lose weight, so I'll document my progress :) 
Hopefully it will be of help to you all!

It's started snowing again really heavily tonight, and I'm kinda glad that it's today rather than on a week day. As I'd be hellllllllllaaa pissed off having to trek to uni in this weather haha!

Does it look foggy?
Well... that's the snow!

Gonna retire now as it's late and I'm literally falling asleep writing this entry up!

I have a lot of blog posts to come, and I'll have to juggle this blog around my assignments and get most of them out of the way during the next month :)

~ xoxo

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  1. It's the same in Liverpool and I have to get a train tomorrow! Nightmare hah x


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