Friday, 4 January 2013

From when we went to Liverpool...

Hey everyone :)

I recently found a load of old photos from High school, and a load of them were from a Liverpool trip in Year 11.
I did GCSE Art (and also A-Level Fine Art) and so, we went on a trip to the Liverpool Tate Art Gallery, to look around at artwork and also around in the shops in that area.
(We found this gorgeous boutique with tons of earrings and reasonably priced jewellery!)

(Image from Google)

Yeah it's basically like this, and it's the form of a square shape surrounding a square of water (I'm guessing it goes out to the sea as it's near a dock.

Some photos:

In the coach! My friend Kiran did all of the crowns and hearts on her camera - it made the pic look well cute!

Keep in mind we took all of these photos after viewing the main gallery, and we went around shopping and taking photos :)

Can you guys believe my hair? I don't know what I was thinking... I really wanted like a honey / light brown hair. 
But after a while it started to grow out and it looked alriiiight.

I'm still wanting to go a honey shade, but I'll end up using like Schwarzkopf or something... that brand usually has the best results!

We found this bottle that had "KNOB" written on it... 

I know, it's immature, but we were like 15 then haha :P

With one of our Art teachers.. he was so cool! I remember he gave me an A* on one of my protraits because I drew Liv Tyler hahahaa. 
Okay no, it wasn't just that :P 

With the whole group... there was a lot of us who went! A mix of Year 10's, Year 11's, Sixth Formers :)

Here are a few more photos I found from Year 11...

From Year 11 Leavers Ball

Finishing off I.T work and revising for the big exams!

I really felt all nostalgic when I found all of these photos, so many awesome memories :D
And I really love looking back on the Year 10 / Year 11 part of high school as that was the only time I properly enjoyed it.

It's crazy to think that all of these photos were taken 5 years ago! I hope in 5 years time, I have lots more photos to look back on and remember the good times haha

I know that from now on, I'm going make more of a habit of taking loads of photos with everyone, so that I have more happy memories!

Do you ever look at old photos and reminisce? :)

~ xoxo

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  1. awesome pictures, I would love to visit Liverpool <3


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