Thursday, 3 January 2013

Filling In My Brows

Hey everyone :)

This post has been highly requested by a lot of people, and I know one of my high school friends asked me to do a sort of tutorial (around two months ago.. ooops!) and I've only just got round to doing it now!

So I'll stop the chitchat and get straight on with the tutorial!

This is for a FOTD post I'll be posting soon!

My video:

This is just a demonstration of how I fill in my brows :)

So do you see the Eyebrow Filler at the top (dark and light brown duo), yep, that's what I use :)

The left side is a dark wax, and the ride side is a light brown powder. Because my eyebrows are quite faint as it is, I usually stick to using the brown powder than the wax, as I feel that this is more natural looking for my face.

The brush is a double ended brush that I always use! I find it so useful that it has a brush and a comb thing.

So I start off with lining the brows, so a line underneath like this...

Then I line the top of it too. And then fill it all in! 

Then once I am happy with the filled in brow, I use the other side of the brush to comb through the brow, just to that my eyebrows don't look chalky'powdery or anything. 
It looks more natural once you comb through the brows!

I then use the peachy coloured pencil from the Soap & Glory Duo stick, just to highlight my brows and emphasis the brow bone :)

When I do this, I find that is helps to make the brows stand out and look really precise!

I usually don't fill in my brows too much that they look drawn on, I like them looking quite natural :)

Ta da :)

~ xoxo

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